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SiNgLe AgAiN's blog: "poems"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b10671

i lost

I lost the boyfriend I had. He made me very sad I couldn't get mad. He made me love him so much, I still feel his touch. Running down my back Something that he lacks. I figured out I can't live without him. His soul completes me. But I have to except thee I lost him because of a girl, She really makes me hurl. She is the type I hate The one you can not break. He made me so lonely He was just a phony. But in my heart I still like him Even though he did me wrong. I hate to cry right now, But its bad to cry over a man Which I don't really understand Because he wasn't a real man Which I am saying that he wasn't strong To stay with me that long. He listened to his friends Instead of what he felt inside So he is no longer here And no longer there Lets just say he is not anywhere In my world even though I still love him.
You know you're beautiful, Don't look the other way, You know you're amazing, There is nothing else to say. You know that I love you, I'll always be there, Never look back, Because you know I care. I'll always be around, When you feel sad, You're never alone, It's not so bad. I know your heart is aching, And I can't take the pain away, I know that you think that, It will never be ok. But I'll help you through this, I'll never let go of your hand, I'll dry your tears, When you can't understand. I won't leave you, Not like he did, I can see that, You're not a little kid. I can hear the words you whisper, Shed the tears you cry, Know every drop of blood that falls, Know that you wonder why. It's so un-fair, You ask why you? I feel it all, Because I do it too. And I'll be here for you, Every step of the way, Hold onto me baby, Because I'm here to stay.
The dance never happened her heart never fell everything she ever knew never went to hell he had never kissed her they were never in love he was not her angel sent from the heavens above her eyes never twinkled their lips never met she never even liked him there's nothing to forget she never wanted him so bad that she would give it all she has never fallen that easily so for him she didn't fall her heart is still in one piece she never shed a tear she never sat alone and wished that he was there nothing ever happened they had never met at least this is what she is telling herself still trying to forget


Turn Back the hands of time I beg you Give me the moments that we shared Let me restore the memories Of a love beyond compare. Turn To the clock that holds the hours And whisk the time away Give me just a few more moments Of the love you swore would stay. Turn To the minutes that are fading Let me hold a dying hope That in the passing of a second There's still some warmth to fight the cold. Turn Around and look at me Do you see me tremble in the dark And with the haunting of love remembered Can you not feel a spark. Turn To the one who gave you love It's me, who's heart you took to break Into the embers of nonexistence You threw that soul away. Turn Damn you, don't walk away Leave me just a fleeting chance... But he left me standing here Without a second glance.
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