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ozone73's blog: "Plunder Fun"

created on 04/18/2021  |  http://fubar.com/plunder-fun/b372279

Had a funny incident happen yesterday while playing Plunder. It was one of those times I wish I was recording, but I wasn't. Anyways, I was "Downed" and I was spamming the L1 button letting my team know I was in danger and needed reviving. One of my teammates rolls up in a vehicle, slows down right next to me, looks down at my injured body, and then decided to drive to a nearby house instead of saving me. I'm thinking, "WTF?!" At that point I no longer cared about collecting money or getting 1st place. I began planning my revenge. They dropped me back into the game right where I died. Luckily, that teammate was still in the area driving around. Someone suggested I blow up his car. So I used my rocket launcher and blew it up with him in it. He didn't die . . . he was just "Downed." He started crawling towards me, expecting me to revive him. But instead, I ran over and tea-bagged him and ran off. He then mumbled something into the mic and then proceeded to rage quit. Did he really think I was going to save him after he left me to die?!

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