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Desired Amz's blog: "Poem"

created on 11/10/2006  |  http://fubar.com/poem/b23185
Yes I really wrote this.. For my cousin Christy Rae about 7 years ago.. Figured I would share it. Every other day, and every other night. I look in to the sky, as I think what a beautiful sight. I wish that it were like that, I really truly do. When I look into your eyes, I wish you would say it too. You are everything I want, and everything I could need. Do I just sit around and wait, or should I just take the lead. Way far up above us, with the stars so bright. We stand there together, with just the city light. You are the one, I know this for sure. I want to be with you forever, you are my only cure. You want it to be special; you want the time to be right. Well what about at dinner, or when you kiss me goodnight. I want you to know, that I really am true. I hope that you can say it, because I want nothing but to be with you. There is nothing in the world that I would rather obtain. Then being together with you, with all the love and pain. I hope that you can see, One day how you make feel. Is this just a temporary thing? Or is it actually for real? I wish you would say it, I really hope that you do. It's actually quite simple, all do is say I love you too.
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