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esixfiddy's blog: "Word of Esix"

created on 05/09/2007  |  http://fubar.com/word-of-esix/b81202  |  33 followers

So I happen to be behind the Angel Pimpout ability here on the fu..

I've been linked to a couple bulletins and a mum where some users are really upset over the *recipient* limitation being set to 3 and I thought that I would take a second and address it to let you guys know that your concerns aren't fallling on deaf ears.

The limitation isn't to stick it to you guys.  The fact is you have to consider that there is a finite amount of room in our online user bar up there.  Every 5 minutes we swap out pimped users and you can probably do some math and figure out how many pimpouts are possible in a day.

With an increasing number of people reaching level 28 and choosing Angel I thought limiting the recipients would be the least arguable short term solution to this problem.

The other solution being that we make the pimpout time less than 5 minutes  OR we can let the approximate wait time back up to well over an hour during prime time.

Your thoughts on Pimpouts?


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