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EXOTICEYES's blog: "pick my pic !"

created on 11/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/pick-my-pic/b21627
Hello to all! wanted to let everyone know my pictures will be updated real soon ! sensual to normal everyday . A few already have been. would like everyone to know my friends Fantasy_Photos4u in Knoxville Tenn area did these . they are running a special to anyone in general area contact them at Fantasyphotos4u@yahoo mention me and get SUPER DISCOUNTS !!!!! Ladies and gent here's your chance to update and get sexy sensual pics yummmyyyyyyy
Hi there everybody! I have added several pictures and there will be a few more to come ! everybody tell me which pic they like the best and thats the one I will put on the front I will gather up all the comments until ....Friday happy picking !
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12 years ago
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