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40 Year Old · Male · From Grasston, MN · Joined on June 8, 2012 · Born on September 26th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!

1. Your "legal notification thereof" about "any institution" is legal hogwash ... if you've posted something to social media, ESPECIALLY if not posted "privately" ... its fair game and your notification is legal hogwash (this has actually been settled in court multiple times ...)

2. If you have to post about how your "haters" don't phase you, etc .... news flash, the fact that you have to post that means they've phased you and you're not fooling anyone.

I am a mix of several personalities (... wrong choice of words...) I mean personality types. I like video games, and I like guns and the outdoors. I love humor in all forms; sarcasm, dry humor, slapstick humor, dark humor, all of them. I like to laugh and typically deal with what is bothering me through sarcasm (because it makes me and others laugh). I am not here to "meet chicks" however I am quite flirty none the less. Just so there's no "misunderstanding," not only am I not here to "meet chicks" but I'm not looking for any sort of "relationship" at all, in general. I'm

I don't really have a "filter"... I pretty much say what I'm thinking whether its "proper" or not. I also don't have inhibitions. I have used far too many public showers and community showers (and been drunk too many times which usually ends in me being naked) to give a rat's ass who sees what of me. I'm a bit of a "free spirit" in some aspects yet tend to be very conservative in other aspects. I love a good debate but know there is a time and place.

I love my dogs. In fact if I don't know you, I definitely love my dogs more than you. Don't f*ck with my dogs.

40 Year Old · Male · From Grasston, MN · Joined on June 8, 2012 · Born on September 26th · I have a crush on someone and 1 person has a crush on me!
In regard to interests as far as women are concerned.... I have an admiration for several body types. I have seen the really thin types of women that I find attractive and I also like curvy women. Typically I prefer brunettes with blue eyes but have seen several blondes that I have found quite attractive.

I am highly educated (which doesn't necessarily mean I'm super smart... it just means I paid a lot of money to get some initials behind my name) and tend to be quite "professional" in my day-to-day living. However, I love tats, piercings, etc and LOVE them on women.

Other interests:
I love Mario Kart... I could pass hours playing Mario Kart
I love shooting guns
I love archery
I like bike riding
I love hiking and being in the woods
I love the Metroid games
I love Chinese food
I love pretty much anything deep fried
I love living in the country
I don't trust the government, however I also don't take wild conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and everything else seriously either. Though there are some very interesting connections to Babylon and ancient Sumer in recent history including a lot of modern symbols (such as many of the symbols of Nazi Germany) ... on that note, the pinnacle of my nerding right now is that I now know 20 cuneiform icons of the ancient Akkadian form of writing (which was also the Babylonian and Sumerian script but there were some variations ... and to be clear (considering the statement right before this), I'm studying this because of my interest in Ancient Near East history.

Anything else you want to know, I'm pretty much an open book with no real secrets.
Country, but a lot of the new stuff bugs me... not all of it but most of it. I can't stand Faith Hill and Shania Twain.... Brian White isn't much better... as far as I'm concerned, they're the ones who really threw pop and country together and succeeded thus, to me they ruined country music.

Rock: i could pretty much live on Godsmack and Sabaton (who is actually Swedish power metal)

Rap: Sucks

Classic Rock: yup, like it... but nothing specific though

Classical music (like symphony stuff): has its time and place

R&B: in reference to modern: see rap. Some of the older types (like 80's or so) have some good music. In R&B genre I REALLY can't stand the ones with the whiny voices like Nelly

Pop: Has its time and place. Some really good music there, some crappy music.

Taylor swift needs a muzzle, though she does have three songs I do like
Katy Perry should be seen (I don't mind seeing her at all) and not heard

I like some Gospel Music. My absolute favorite singers are from that genre. I could listen to Mac Powell of Third Day sing absolutely anything; that man's voice is incredible.
My problem with movies is that I tend to forget what they're about until I see them again. However the following are a few I do remember:

It is an annual tradition to watch Bad Santa at Christmas

I love Team America

My favorite of all time is Les Miserables... I've seen a few different movie versions and I like both the Liam Nieson version and the newest musical version. I've also seen Les Miserables on stage and it is incredible.
No human is worth having as an idol. However two people I hold in very high regard for their courage are Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Saint Athanasius.
Video Games
World of Tanks
Assassins Creed Odyssey
Ghost Recon
Mario Kart
Metal Gear series (old and new)
Hate sports games... I'm bad at MOST of them
Hate racing games... I'm bad at MOST of them (Burnout 2: Takedown is an awesome game)
I love most RPG games... but only the video games... never could get into the D and D types... at all

Pokemon needs to die

um... I like some old board games too... anyone remember what those are?

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  • Phil926 by the way ... your "legal notification" about "any institution," and "my privacy thereof..." is legal hogwash .... if you've posted your crap on social media, especially for the public eye to see .... its fair game and there's nothing you can legally do about it.... so lose the stupid legal notification that has no basis in reality ...
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      EPIC people on fubar are delusional 9 years you have to have noticed by now
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