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Once upon a time I wanted to visit my family but I was crazy poor, lol. My tags and license plates had expired. So someone and I got the brilliant idea to switch plates from a random car. We did so and we were almost there until we hit Naperville Illinois. There, if two people are in a car and one is white and the other is black, it’s cause to question it, because race matters there. We were pulled over, and taken to jail, but after all, just cause, my tags were expired. However I DID NOT DESERVE THE FRISKING I GOT.  A-hole officer was all about making sure there was nothing in the back pockets of my jeans. The thing is, my butterfly jeans HAVE NO POCKETS! I can remember saying ‘wtf, this is how you get your thrills? MY JEANS HAVE NO POCKETS SO EXACTLY WHAT ARE YOU SEARCHING? Yeah, if you’re a woman of ANY color, DO NOT EVER DRIVE THROUGH OR THINK ABOUT NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, lol, I even complained to the officer that signed me out and it was as if he knew... I said I would sue and lol, like anyone would care. So, women of color, never roll through Naperville, Illinois. Seriously, don’t do it.

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