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Once upon a time I wanted to visit my family but I was crazy poor, lol. My tags and license plates had expired. So someone and I got the brilliant idea to switch plates from a random car. We did so and we were almost there until we hit Naperville Illinois. There, if two people are in a car and one is white and the other is black, it’s cause to question it, because race matters there. We were pulled over, and taken to jail, but after all, just cause, my tags were expired. However I DID NOT DESERVE THE FRISKING I GOT.  A-hole officer was all about making sure there was nothing in the back pockets of my jeans. The thing is, my butterfly jeans HAVE NO POCKETS! I can remember saying ‘wtf, this is how you get your thrills? MY JEANS HAVE NO POCKETS SO EXACTLY WHAT ARE YOU SEARCHING? Yeah, if you’re a woman of ANY color, DO NOT EVER DRIVE THROUGH OR THINK ABOUT NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, lol, I even complained to the officer that signed me out and it was as if he knew... I said I would sue and lol, like anyone would care. So, women of color, never roll through Naperville, Illinois. Seriously, don’t do it.

Worst month of the year. The person I thought I was going to marry, yet died the year he was gonna propose because his father told me so at his funeral. Hey, he was born the ninth, my grandmother who was my best friend ever was born on Valentine's Day. As if living in a bs world where we wear masks, just driving me crazy. Airborne diseases can penetrate masks, will we eva stop being sheepole?

I wish Miamiboy like crazy, fubar just isn't the same without him. I see the tags of people trying to be us, lol, me, Miami and Mz. Pink. Unstoppable. Copycats annoy me because we are originals so I'll be back soon to help Mz. Pink make things look better, LOL! Much Love ;)


I appreciate those of you who remember me and care enough to say hi. Thank you guys for being there because life is had enough and now we have a stupid flu that's terrorizing everyone. Stupid, but, we have eachother, now don't we, so let's try to smile, we do have eachother and we aren't dead, so life is cool, lol, right? Much love ??

So, I am out of sorts because my cat ripped a hole in the screen and she’s just gone. I didn’t realize how much I loved her, but she’s just gone.......Tanager, monalisa, Chopper or Miamiboy......everyone I llove dies .........I think I’m cursed, wtf

It's been quite sometime, I've missed you guyz so much! In case anyone is wondering, I have been sick as hell for almost a damn year. I've  had so many tests done the nurses at the hospital basically have a room for me. First they thought it was Lupus, then RA, hell, I've been tested three times this year for that, which it's not, thank God. It's CFS which is a bitch but I'm finally ok now, sorta, lol. I want to thank my fam for sticking by me. Mona and Chopper always kept in touch, I love my fu fam! The last time I thought I'd be back I told Rap and Stonez that I would be on the next day, well the next day I was in the hospital for a week. They couldn't figure out why I was in crazy pain and they transfered me toa hospital in another city where I ended up having my gallbladder removed. Anyway, I think I'm back now. I just wanna thank all my fam who is still fam, and all my friends who keep me on their list even though they know I'm usually in photoshop when I'm on :) Also, I owe a few peepz tags, no, I didn't forget, and the ones I owe I will hook up for waiting damn near a year for me ;) That's about it, I missed you guyz!

The Fairest

It is sad that a person can be friends with a certain bouncer and they will go around messing with people for you. I have known some of the bouncers here for YEARS, and I can honestly say they are some of the most honest people around, one is so fair that I admire her. It upsets me that a person so unlike the ones I know is allowed to have the job that the others take very seriously. Apparently my being green was so upsetting to a hater that I'm sure I know, lol, that with a bouncers help she was able to have me blocked from mumms, a mumm where I asked, "If your partner was constantly watching porn on the computer would that be a thing that would end the relationship" That's it. I was told that the use of the word that way was not nsfw. Then the picture that I am using currently was taken down as it was scrolling. It was obviously unmarked, but I just feel that this bouncer has power to help their friends and it is unfair to everyone here. All bouncers have that power, but I have never met one that would think of doing it. After my initial anger of being treated unfairly it was comical because the only way my hater could stop me was with the help of a bouncer, showing how pathetic she is, but I hope that this bouncer loses their position because they do not belong in the company of the ones that I know.

People are  so cut throat and jealous here. All I am is green, apparently this is pissing someone off to the point of having things blocked, lol, and the powers that be must find this ok. The thing is, if I want to beat a person at something, I do it fairly, so I can look in the mirror and smile that I know it was ALL ME. By reporting and getting your pals to help have things removed in my opinion makes you a punk. A weak punk because you know you can't do it fairly. I hope whoever -and I have a good idea who it is- it is reads this. You are a weak lil punk and no matter what you do you will always be jealous because you know you can't beat me fairly.




yup, i know my stat messages are goofy, lol, i took a poll once, and you guys agree, LOL.....but i won't stop cause it's me....and i don't take pix for rates....yup, they are mostly nsfw, but it's because i am an artist....and i enjoy doin it....i don't mind people seeing, the body is beautifuil be it 100 or 500 lbs....it's in the eye of the beholder...true beauty is not in any pic posted...it is the person, the words in the chatbox that displays TRUE beauty...the inner being....so if i offend u with my pix don't come here cause i don't care, lol....i'm just havin fun....i am no prettier than any woman here....just more obnoxious, HAHAHAHAHA! and i do love my fam, no joke ;)

I got the will to drive myself sleepless.

So much time is cashed.
So much smoke is wasted.
Sudden disappearance
In the air is thick and cool.
I can't approach myself
Skidding over this perdition
And now I'm out on the verandah
When I should have gone to school.

Well I call for sleep,
But sleep it won't come to me.
Shuffling in the hallway,
I can hear him on the stairs.
I hear his lighter flicking.
I hear the soft sigh of his inhale.
And the whole width of my intentions
He exhales into the air.

I got the will to drive myself sleepless.

Skeedunt, stunt the runt,
Smoking buddha blunt.

I got the will to drive myself sleepless.

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