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Escape's blog: "Notice Me"

created on 11/09/2007  |  http://fubar.com/notice-me/b152141

lmao... my confession to codependency... my greatest obstacle to being who i know i am a strong independent woman capable of anything and everything Its not all on you my love I would never wish that amount of pressure We work so hard just to make it survive one day we'll know happiness what it feels to be truly okay until then don't stop holding on trusting me being you my everything my motivation to be a better woman and i promise we'll make it

I won't let you. know how fragile sensitive I am. I won't tell you my history right away. you don't care yet anyway. You will never see how much i heave in pain. after walking away. from you. with a smile I may not have the answers. what u need ever you're looking for. But I'm not fake. real. just me. human. I know my weaknesses can cause you pain. drive you crazy. push you away. There is an answer. a way for us to escape. find our peace. serenity. How hard are you willing to look before we go mad? Because I could die in your arms tonight. lol

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13 years ago
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