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Demoness's blog: "my horse"

created on 04/14/2007  |  http://fubar.com/my-horse/b73727
Even though it has been a month ago I still cant get him out of my head. A horse. I remember when the barn got him they named him "Dragon" for the dragon wings on his sides. He was about 15 i think. 5 yrs ago before i think. He wasnt in great shape endurance wise but he would give his best we just had to take things slow. Not a mean bone in his body. In the d it said "He needs a man hes man's horse." lol. He had some trust issues but we got him over it. After awhile he could do drill team easily . and seemed to enjoy it. Any way we had a mother and daughter they had one horse that the mother never took care of the horse the daughter did. The mother got married to some guy who looked like Domer.after a year She wanted to get a horse for her husband, but the barn manager said she couldnt have another horse there was no room. So then after Francis and Jeane the owner of the barn's pool patio came off. The Mother and the husband fixed the patio for her. Not knowing they had a plan. Once they finished the asked for dragon. she said sure that year that i worked a barn manager assistant I couldnt believe how they treated the horse. now he was about 17 at this time with arthritis he cant easily move butr that didnt stop them from pushing him if he didnt he was beat. then they would run him to this place i guess that was a trail for horses they would go there on horse back running to and from there. IU went back to the barn after i left, my heart still felt for him. I went into his stall and he almost went for me and then stopped and came over almost like sorry. He was nothing like i remembered him. At that time i remembered what my friend offered. She said I could have Dragon if i get rid of sage but i thought at that time Dragon wasnt going any where but sage was a mustang that no one could touch but me so i said naw i got my horse Dragon is great horse for lessons for u. I love them both. The next time I came by again in this year. I came for drill team there was another person riding him you could tell something was wrtong in how he was moving his legs would swivel like they were popped out of the socket it looked like he was in pain but yet kept going with what he was being told to do. My friend told the girl to get off immediatley and that she would have to tell the owner. They didnt care and they left for another boarding facility and left dragon thinking no more of him. His future wasnt looking good but my friend who loved dragon just as much asked the owner if we could see if we could fix the problem with his legs. Well she had called a chiropractor out for some other horses so the chiropractor tried on him and it ACTUALLY worked. and then the next 2 weeks he would give lessons. Then I heard that he was going to be used for some home school kids that dont know how to ride i thought that was great. The next day my friends sister was telling me that he was great unlike another one of their other lesson horses who dumped the kids he did great as usual. then she left work and went the barn. Not even maybe 30 minutes i got a voice mail sayiong if u want to say goodbye hes colicing bad he may have a twist. Needless to say i left and stayed with him till he passed. I m happy that he doesnt have to feel pain any more. I just wish People would understand these animals should be given more respect in stead of abusing them we ask them to carry us on their backs,


Got a new little horse he's handy, stout, just barely tame Doesn't have a pedigree just some sagebrush in his mane. This horse has been cross country most men have never rode. Over red-rock mountains and into canyons filled with aspen groves. There's something about runnin' free that puts sense in a pony's head the lessons in the wild don't count one, two, three but often times dead. How to dig in with those hocks, put his head down and pull all that stuff about bittin' up and leads is just a lot of bull. You hand me one who's learned his manners from the teeth of a bitchy mare or has had to dig for his feed in winter when the hills are just plain bare. I got me a case of trophies they're not made of silver and such it's just the times that me and my pony have Run free that we love so much. So you can have your polished show horse with his blankets nose to tail I'll take my rangy mustang who rather stand outside, ass-end to the hail.
It must have been destiny that brought us together God must have known I needed a friend Something to help me in my time of need It must have been destiny That I come to the barn that DAY A mustang that was in need of a friend From a place of freedom It must have been destiny That I come to you Sit with you in the sun, and rain till I guess you realized I was your friend It was destiny That I could ride you when no one could No harm would come to me You are my friend, I am yours You were sad that day I saw you Now I see the mustang spirit Unafraid, take everything in stride You made me forget the times I hurt You also protected me from ones who hurt me I do the same for you Do to others as you would have them do unto you Ole boy I know your only 6 but I hope you will live at least till your 20’s So that my nieces, nephews and others of my family can see you To know the horse that probably saved me, from insanity.
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