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62 Year Old · Female · From Seattle, WA · Joined on August 7, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on August 21st · 1,382 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 25 different people have a crush on me!
62 Year Old · Female · From Seattle, WA · Joined on August 7, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on August 21st · 1,382 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 25 different people have a crush on me!

Had to postpone our trip to Maui to go geocaching and snorkeling for our 25th anniversary till August. I was in the hospital for 11 days with a bleeding ulcer. Better now but having to eat differently and on Zantac and Nexxium combined twice a day.

First off, just because I clicked on your LIKE tab DOES NOT mean that I am attracted to you and want to get to know you. It is a game and part of being on Fubar, to help us level. I cannot believe how many guys think that I LIKE them in a romantic way just because I clicked their LIKE tab.

ATTENTION: If you are between the age of 18 and 30 you already have 2 strikes against you in my books. I find that this age group is illiterate and idiotic to begin with and with the failure to read and they're asking the same dumb questions over and over again. If you fall into this category of age group and refuse to read the following FAQs that I get everyday from the predictable males in this age group then you will be banned faster than dung falling from an elephant. Don't believe me? Ask a dumb question and see. You should all go back to MY SPACE where all the other teenie boppers hang out and ask your DUMB infantile questions. This is FU BAR made for MATURE adults.

I am a growing member of women on Fubar that is tired of being asked the same questions over and over and over again. Those guys who ask the same questions over and over again are FU-DUMMIES because they do not even look at profiles. So NO Fu-Dummies permitted ... if you ask a question that is right in front of your face I am going to ban you.
sorry but I have had it with the lack of intellect that is suddenly applying to Fubar.

I used to have these FAQs at the bottom of about me section but I kept getting the same questions over and over and over again and I am very tired of answering them so many times a day because someone would not read my profile so I put them up here at the top in hopes that the same darn questions would stop ... please, read the FAQs.


1. The absolute number one question is ... "are you married?" If you have read my profile at all you would have seen that the answer is YES ... for 25 years and our relationship is as solid as a rock. We will be flying to enjoy Maui in June 2011 to celebrate.

2. The second question I get is ... "how big are they?" The answer is 38DD.

3. The third question I get the most is ... are they real? The answer is YES, they are all mine.

4. Then there is always, "Will you call me. Or, can I call you? Or, can you text me?" In a word no!

5. "Do you have MSN or Yahoo or have a web cam? or "will you call me on my cell phone?" ... no, no, no.

6. "Do you like younger guys?" ... I like all guys, but what are you really asking? Huh?

7. "Do you swing as a couple?" ... we are curious about the lifestyle but we will explore it while visiting a swingers club and be a pair of voyeurs at first and see where the experience will take us.

8. "What do you do for a living?" ... I am a OB nurse and assist in the delivery of babies and care for the moms.

9. "Have you ever been with a woman sexually?" .. Nope.. straight as an arrow here.

10. "Have you ever appeared in Playboy magazine?" ... No, but I was asked to be in a Playboy layout when I was 18 ... my boyfriend at the time was very jealous and demanded that I was not to have any other men see my nude body. I guess I am making up for that youthful mistake now.

11. "Have you ever worked at Hooters?" ... Nope ... but have been a bar girl back when I was 21 and wore short HOT PANTS and got some great tips ... loved it.

12. "Will you look at my NSFW pics?" ... in a word NO, are you that in love with yourself that you need to ask? Boring!!! It only proves that you aare male to me. I have seen thousands as a nurse and yours won't be that impressive ... do you know how many real ones I have seen in my decade of being a nurse? ... too many to even count ... it is just another penis to me, nothing more.

13. "What is your favorite position?" ... This seems to be the top question from all males ranging in age from 18 to 30 ... tells me how mature you are. My favorite position is any and all ... the question is more for your enjoyment, not mine.

14. "Will you make an exception and Yahoo or MSN with me OR give your cell phone no so we can text?" .. I get asked that everyday ... NO, NO and NO!

15. All of sudden guys are asking "What are you wearing right now". Just a bit tired of answering this question day after day and all day long. The answer is C L O T H E S. Blue bra, green panties for those of you who want to know more.

If you have any other questions please ask.


visited 26 states (52%)
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Me? Oh no! A wife for over 25 years. I am a nurse, no not that kind of nurse, an obstetrics nurse. I have 2 sons, 31 and 16. The oldest is in the US Air Force where he has been loving his job for the past 11 years and is being trained to become a Flight Engineer. My youngest is a sophomore in high school. He is a strong little kid ... he broke the school record for doing a plank exercise for 2 hrs 1 min.

I will tell you this ... if you think you are God's gift to women and speak with little respect and tell me all the things I can do for you just to settle your huge ego I will block you ... I have heard it all before and it does nothing for me ... speak to sluts like that, they may enjoy it.

I am a HUGE GeoCaching NUT ... if you have no idea what it is you are missing out ... check www.geocaching.com to get all the details on this International Treasure Hunt Game.

No, I have never been a professional model. I have have dabbled in modeling but never have thought of making it my career. I was asked to be in Playboy magazine when I was younger, but that did not pan out. Why not? See my FAQ list below.

My husband had a brain stem stroke on November 25, 2008 and has nearly recovered 100% from his disabilities he had leftover from the stroke. His doctors consider him a walking miracle because most die immediately from this type of stroke. Others may survive it but lasts for awhile in a coma, and then die.

He died 30 minutes after he got to the emergency room of the same hospital where I work. He was flat lined for about 2 minutes and was revived by the hospital crash team with the use of CPR.

When he woke his troubles started. He could hardly talk. He had difficulty swallowing. He had little use of his right hand and he was right handed. His legs were really weak and he was very unstable.

As of October 14, 2010 he was told by his doctor to stop working because of the after affects he has sustained from his stroke. His average blood pressure is around 160 over 115 at all times. He is risking having another stroke.

He is an inspiration for recovery of all types and he has thought of becoming a motivational speaker. He will be joining Toastmasters International to make the necessary improvements to his speaking to become a professional speaker and captivate an audience.

LATEST ON MY HUSBAND: He had a CT scan on Feb. 2, 2010 and had interpreted by his Neurologist on Feb. 5. It turns out that he has two more lesions on his brain stem since the initial stroke. He is now being referred to see Neurologist in Portland who specializes in stroke patients to see what can be done for him. He has stability problems when he walks and some minor speech issues since the major stroke.

LATEST ON MY HUSBAND: He was awarded 80% VA disability on February 17, 2011 and immediately apply for INDIVIDUAL UNEMPLOYABILITY with the VA and we expect that will be approved soon ... oh happy days.

LATEST ON MY HUSBAND: On March 18, 2010 he had what is called a MRA done (a MRI but intended to view the arteries of the brain and heart area). It shows that he has a stenosis (blockage) in his carotid artery on the left side. He is now wanting for his neurologist to call him and tell him that he will need a stent placed in his artery in his neck.

LATEST ON HUSBAND: The doctor now wants to perform what is called an angioplasty on his two interior carotid arteries to see how bad the blockages are and place a stent if possible. The down side is he could have another stroke from the procedure. Otherwise he could have another stroke again. His blood pressure is very erratic and dangerously high and they want to become stable first.

LATEST ON MY HUSBAND 12/11/10 - His doctor listed his diagnosis as: memory loss, headaches, aphasia, dysarthia (speaking disorder)dizziness and confusion with hypertension from his strokes (four of them) within 3 years. He is presently filing for a social security disability along with a VA claim for disability on a number of issues.

He had an angiogram done on October 19, 2010 and it helped with his blood pressure but now his neurologist will have to contend with the dizziness, instability, headaches and loss of memory over time.

He is now also on antidepressants because of his anxiety and for PTSD from Vietnam. He is making a disability claim for Ischemic Heart Disease for agent orange exposure but has already been told by the VA that he won't get it because he was on aircraft carrier in Nam not boots on the ground. He is joining the Vietnam Veterans of America and will be fighting for better legislation for the Vietnam Vet after four decades of being spit on by the government he went to defend. He got his evaluation by a psychiatrist from the VA and received a GAF score of 47 for PTSD the other day and so now we are waiting for his rating for his disability. Some other guys with PTSD tell him that he should be getting a rating of 70% disability for PTSD after over 40 years out of Vietnam.

My husband has been asked to consider being a member of the board of directors for a downtown agency for the disabled and has also been asked to speak to a group of 60 nursing students to hear what it is like to have a stroke and the difficulties endured for May 2011.

He is my hero.

This video was taken on April 19, 2009 in Florence, OR where we spent the day for our 23rd anniversary.

62 Year Old · Female · From Seattle, WA · Joined on August 7, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on August 21st · 1,382 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 25 different people have a crush on me!
My interests are having a nice glass of white zinfidel wine before a warm fire. I like to write erotic fantasy stories and flirting with strangers.

And of course cheering for my Seattle Seahawks from the comfort of my couch on Sunday afternoons.

I idolize my husband and his dad. His dad was in the NAVY in WWII and my husband was in the NAVY during Vietnam. Now my oldest son is in the USAF and of course as him mom, I already idolize him.

Video Games

Got a Wii console and Wii Fit and I love it. I especially like bowling on my Wii and all of Wii Fit.

All other video games suck... only Wii does something positive for the body.

My husband uses Wii for his physical therapy since he his stroke and he is improving each day because of it.

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