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pHiLLyPhiL's blog: "mhm"

created on 08/23/2014  |  http://fubar.com/mhm/b359764


as goes the hours the smoke blinds each second that passes onward is pain growing deeper and deeper away from this feeling far far away some where as another run on sentance races memories start to roll faster and faster happy days long forgotten where it has turn to hate to be forever with out this pain as another sunday morning breaks.... 8.29.14.and once again we find our selves a week passed this last writting i find my self lost and alone but forever more i shall be the one to walk away make my self in charge as i did here they are greedy little bastards and they will get what they deserve when all is said and done i will be the one to leave you in your misery and hate what you have bcome as i feel the hours coming later and later i feel calmer but so pissed inside i want to snap but i know better another night as the smoke blinds my eyes never land here i come ?9-4-14...another day brings on peace as the evening starts to set in i feel the anxiety start to flow again witch way is the right path for a change i am in control but the choice must be made no longer can this feeling destory my happyness as the smoke contuies to fog my eyes the mintues turn to hours one day gonna get away...11-80-14 as the twilight hows of the night come apoun me the smoke contuies its way around my body i find my self feeling a calm straight guidiness do i feel at the moment as i look up to the stars above the answers are coming to be as i laugh as i find my way a breeze blows reminding me that i am always being watched from above as the mins finally start to move at a steady pace i find my self happy....

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