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Angels's blog: "~:)~LIFE~:)~"

created on 06/15/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b92077
I got a sun burn on wednesday! I went to the swimming pool and fell asleep in the sun which was a very bad idea! Very bad idea! But hey I guess Its worth it since i wanted to go swimming in the first place. well i go to go ttyl
Well, Like usual im really really bored! There is not muh to do right now so im just blogging i guess is what you would call it! Any ways Im a very happy person right now, My boyfriend didnt have to go to jail this weekend and so i get to spend more time with him. and whats better is we get to drink to night to so alls good well i got to go im cooking supper. ttyl bye ~:)~Stina Bug~:)~
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13 years ago
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