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Quintessential Studmuffin's blog: "Life!"

created on 05/22/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b84672
Okay Everyone! I have to come out and apologize! I jumped the gun last time, and I made the bulletin before I knew all the facts! But now that I know all the facts, I am going to give it to you how it is. So I jumped the gun saying! He had sex with a girl fresh into her teens. But this is how it went down. Nosferatu was 19 and his friend hooked him up with a young girl. Who he believed was 17, I understand even 17 are under age, but at least 17 is consensual. The girl turned out to be 13! Now let me stop here for a second. Do you know the difference between a 13 and 17 year old? Based on maturity level, now I know that all this crap and MsG fast food places are putting in the food is making kids grow up faster then they should. But come on now, I can tell the difference between a High School student and a Middle School student if I spent 2 weeks with her. Well after he obtained his goal of getting a piece of ass, he then realized he didn’t want to be with her. So she retaliated and told her mother, she was raped. So things lead to another, cops were called, detectives came out. Mike fought a case, plead no contest or guilty. (not sure) caught a 6 year sentence of which he did 2 and a half years. (In California where I understand the law, he served half his sentence and paroled.) So yes the system got 2 and a half years, and he now has to register under Megan’s law for being a child toucher. Everyone should know how parole works there is enough movies about the judicial system. He basically was living a ‘free man’ but under 1,000 rules, one of which is ‘don’t leave the county or place you paroled without consent of your parole officer’ so now in which he is going to do 6 months on a Violation of Parole, he made a deal to finish off his ‘half sentence’ (2 and a half + 6 months = 3 years also known as half of 6 years) Nosferatu ‘Mike’ is now in jail he turned his self in yesterday June 1st, 2007 at 5:30p.m. CST I hope his stay is a good one. Anyone that knows the story…if I left anything out please feel free to leave it in the comments to the right of the acquisition. Once again I apologize about jumping the gun. But basically I threw out the little information I was givin and look what rocks it turned. All I said was he had sex with a girl fresh of age, then I get the full story…its funny how guilty minds work. He will always have to watch his back, and register any ol’ where he goes. But a child toucher is a child toucher bottom line! Here is his link!! Go wish him luck in his 6 months, remove him, block him do as you wish! Thank you everyone for your time, this has been another bulletin brought to you by the White Rider! â„¢Nosferatuâ„¢Eldέr-£ØЯĐâ„¢Đrãcul㙣ØЯĐ Â£ĘЅâ€ Άâ€ â„¢-

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You are in our hearts, forever.

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You know I sit back sometimes and wonder who my friends are! People I think have my back until its turned! Then I take that Dull Rusty Blade right in the shoulder! You know how they Say 'A True Friend stabs you in the front! But thats not what I have been getting lately! Lately I have had a few friends that I consider family, that tell people. That I am no good, or just speak their opinions while I am not around. BUT when I am around they stroke me off like I am the best thing in the world and come to me with their problems! and being the real friend I am I do everything in my power to help! So now I have to deal with some consequences! But for the people that I thought were my friends...I think Freddy says it best...listen to your song!!

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