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39 Year Old · From St Paul, MN · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on June 20th · 6 referrals joined!
39 Year Old · From St Paul, MN · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on June 20th · 6 referrals joined!

A lil bit bout myself well.... Im a 22 yr old bisexual female with a 2 yr old baby gurl.. I have a man, been with him for 9 yrs now. We got married October 29th of 2004... Well Im an+ outgoin+ fun+ responsible+ open minded+ laid back type of personI live life to the fullest. I can be very bold when it comes down to it. I also can be the biggest bitch that u ever came across if u happen to cross me. Imma ride or die chick...If you down for mines, I'll be down for yours..U know...I dont hide shit... I keep the shit real...If you want my opinon on shit Imma tell you str8 up..I aint gotta lie to kick it.....If I dont like you, then I'll tell you....My Turn Ons:+ soft kisses+ candels+ bubble baths+ cuddling+ thunder+ rain+ massages+ body peircings+ good hygenes+ sexy lips n eyes+ hot girls n guys+ ass+ tittiesMy Turn Offs:+haters+ stank as bitches who think they can take someones man+ jealous as bitches+ people who think they better then everyone else+ backstabbers+ playas+ cheatersIf there is anything else that u would like to know about me then hit me up and ask.. so don"t be scare.. lol.... unless u want me to.....YOU CAN TALK ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK OR YOU CAN LAUGH IN MY FACE BUT DEEP IN YOUR HEART YOU WANNA BE IN MY PLACE THATS WHY I SAY TO ALL THE FAKE ASS PEOPLE YOU BETTER SAY NOTHING ABOUT ME BECAUSE ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!This is my baby KroamD....

39 Year Old · From St Paul, MN · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on June 20th · 6 referrals joined!
+ Singin + dancing + clubbin + bubble baths + street racin + casinos + shootin pool + candles + thunderstorms + storm chasing + writting + soft kisses + massages + cuddling + rain + body peircings + tattoos + hot girls umm yea pretty much anything that is fun....
I like any type of movies from horror and suspence, drama, comedy, chick flicks so yea umm pretty much a lil a everything... + all of the matrix + all the blades + hot chick + white chicks + the fast and the furious + 2 fast 2 furious + sherk 1 and 2 + boogyman + the grudge + freddy vs jason + cradle to the grave + romeo must die + pretty woman + bruce almighty + seven ** many many more **

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