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45 Year Old · Male · From Honolulu, HI · Invited by: marketman · Joined on May 2, 2006 · Born on December 8th
45 Year Old · Male · From Honolulu, HI · Invited by: marketman · Joined on May 2, 2006 · Born on December 8th

i am lost in world that only a few actually want me here. i need to learn how not to give so damn quickly. it seems i am way to good at it. like i can give up with my eyes closed. and i hate that. with everything i love in my life it seems not to matter when the one person i love isn't me. i can't make it in this world when i have no reason to want to wake up anymore. i need someone that wants me to wake up. i need a reason to live once again. to be born again because right now i feel dead inside. i am going through the motions not by choice but by reaction. because i've grown to accept the fact that i don't think i'll make it anyways. this is the time when i give up.

45 Year Old · Male · From Honolulu, HI · Invited by: marketman · Joined on May 2, 2006 · Born on December 8th
writing dark poetry, hating myself, walking in the rain, listening to thunder and watching lightning, sleeping in graveyards, searching for ufo's, going to beaches at night and drinking enough to forget you. i write my own zine called kids don't like to share.
alkaline trio, lawrence arms, bayside, tuesday, rise against, smoking popes, pinhead gunpowder, one man army, against me, fifteen, propagandhi, misfits, the broadways, afi, thrice, bad religion, lagwagon, the donnas, discount, slapstick, good riddance, the vandals, social distortion, ramones, dead kennedys, emery, mxpx, operation ivy, rancid, less than jake, the distillers, the clash, anti flag, strung out, the muffs, nofx, mad caddies, the descendents, none more black, the ataris, the get up kids, reggie and the full effect, the rasmus, screeching weasel, jawbreaker, dynamite boy, goldfinger, no use for a name, 30 foot fall, donut's and glory, supergirls, angry samoans, guttermouth, the living end, dance hall crashers, save ferris, senses fail, new found glory, blink 182, saves the day, jimmy eat world, allister, homegrown, fallout boy, weakerthans, bouncing souls, the cure, dashboard confessional
i love everything by trey parker and matt stone, kevin smith, quentin tarantino, eli roth, george romero and everything by lloyd kaufman and troma. serenity, shaun of the dead, usual suspects, evil dead, evil dead 2, army of darkness, lord of the rings trilogy, matrix trilogy, night of the living dead, day of the dead, dawn of the dead, land of the dead, cannibal the musical, orgazmo, baseketball, ichi the killer, suicide club, saw, saw 2, sin city, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, jackie brown, kill bill 1 & 2, hostel, clerks, mallrats, dogma, spiderman 1 & 2, star wars (all of them), walk the line, the aristocrats, unleashed, south park the movie, citizen toxie, terror firmer, tromeo and juilet, toxic avenger, dead alive, bad taste.
i have no idols. none is needed.

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