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This is how it is, I try to help people. always. There will be a selected few that will stay on my list. Most will be deleted !!! I help people level all the time and when I need it well they arent there so, i am not playing their games anymore. I have always been nice and now i am a cold hearted person. i found out who my real friends are on here so bye to yall and have fun doing it to someone else. I am keeping just the good ones. I do love my friends

Please Help my Son Level, show him some luv. He has been at the same level for a while. He is Awesome, Plus he is going to Bootcamp in August, so please yall give him the love that he deserves, ty

http://fubar.com/user.php?u=1043909&friend=1043909" target=_blank>Soon To Be Marine......Fu-Engaged to Cherry Kool-Aid

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Please Help Godmother Tabby76 out, She wants to trade Blings. Click on this link. She is truly an Awesome Lady, Check her out, Show her some Luv

<a href="http://fubar.com/user.php?u=1721018&friend=1721018" target=_blank>**Godmother Tabby76**Fu-Owned By "DJ ICE**Proud Member Of Club Mystic**<br><img src="http://b.pca1.fubar.com/81/01/1721018/tn_1442396787.jpg"></a><br><a href="http://fubar.com" target=_blank>@ fubar</a>

a few hours ago i found out my uncle is dying. all of his organs are shutting down and we found out that he has cancer in his stomach.He is expexted to pass before Thanksgiving. i may be not be on here for a while due to it. i love you all and all of you will be close to my heart. hugs and kisses to all of you. you all are very dear to me. thank you, love puma(patti)
please just rate and comment , it is an auto 11 that my onetruelove put her man in, lets show her the love and help
She has been there for all of us and let us help her level up, let us show her we appreciate her in so many ways, she has mad us awesome pics, been a great friend and then some. she goes all out for us , lets give back to her. we love you Bebe !!!! ~*¢¾ Bebe ¢¾*~

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