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39 Year Old · Male · From Watervliet, NY · Joined on April 17, 2006 · Born on May 9th
39 Year Old · Male · From Watervliet, NY · Joined on April 17, 2006 · Born on May 9th

FUCK IT..THATS WHAT YOU GET TO KNOW ABOUT ME..GO JUMP OFF A FUCKIN BRIDGE.I GET HIGH OFF THE OXYGEN YOU BREATHE,MIXED WITH DEVISTATIONthe tear i shed for this day im sure u will feel for me,cus i dont let tears wet my cheeks to begin my weakness.i dont allow the hurt of my life show thru anything.i have my own remorse of devistation.how bout u just ask me...im open minded and ill talk to anyone who is worth my time-dont bother me with some bullshit blah blah.. suck a **** i aint got time for it. and dont try to bother me with annoying or dramatic things. i hate drama,i hate bitches an slampigs. i love riding my bike-i love wheeeelies-i love speed and racing and u no wut...i might just love u-so why not try...hahaha jk.what i care about-riding-smiling-makn money-and driving, i got nothin to stop me now.and whoever thinks they can- try it-cus if u aint gonna get knocked out-by someone else. and if my damien devil dont bring u the justice-i guess ima have to be the one to bring it to ya...dont fuc** wit me. Greddy baby - i got that

39 Year Old · Male · From Watervliet, NY · Joined on April 17, 2006 · Born on May 9th
i love riding bikes,50's and skating.riding pedal bikes is great,doin tricks.love to party,smoke WEED EVERYDAY!. my hobby is building hondas and acuras,nissans its very fun and i woulndt ever want to learn something else. i love speed and taking turns in a fast pace to what u wouldnt understand. i recently got my license back,u can say im bo duke..lol dukes of hazzard. i have been pulled over 86 times-47 tickets,31 points an dhad no license for 3 yrs,took me that long and 3 lawyers and about 5 thousand dollars in fines and bullshit. u no. i like watching sunsets or rise on waterfalls or damns,water is my escape route to my sister and my bestfriend..R.I.P. i have alot fo interests i just dont no them all-i liek all type sof music,mostly rap but mostly alternative as well.very open minded and non judgemental. i beleive everyone deserves a chance to pronounce themselves,if not them...fuk urself i aint wastin my time on ya!. love to hang out and be in calm situations,but im rowdy most the time GET SOME !!!!!!!!!!!! MERRRRR COPPER! FTP WOO WOO!!! try n catch me ridin dirty..?
ive been changing,but u will never see me..now im blamin u for everything.. watch this video seriously-this kid made such a good point.and the song kicks ass./
anythign hilarious-funny comedy,love hood movies,love serious mafia ties flicks.hate animation and stupid old movies.i dunno-no plot no reason right? let me make u a movie in here... touch it -bring it baby! watch out dont turn around i will always be > this is tru-but i like parkn lots now.. this is what goes..bing binggggggggggggggg (all the way to 10 thousand rpm's) hahahahahaha take a step inside my ride.. u jealous?
Mario Andretti,tila nguyen.PATRICK STEPHENS.dave mirra and also big L. who has past away. i pretty much would like to do everything-so my idols explain to u who i am...understand that? PS this dog made a difference in my life,no matter how bad the situation is or how bad it is-he seems to love life. My hero Dave shewczyk,rip -but u deserve this spot i love this so i had to add it (sry pyschotic n luvin it-) my guidance is my sister and dave--this pic is truth-fuck the bullshit. thqnk u cherrry pie vixen ^ i love this-u have touched me n a way no one has.....
Video Games
um racing-biking-riding-cars- no baseball or football or basketball-i aint no fag and i aint athletif on the gay shit..im extreme- let me seee u do what i can do-then u might be qualified for my crew HI 5 Hyper4mance Import5 we r good at what we do bcus we r diff... DO IT FOR FUN. for life for plessure but also-to prove to u we aint no punk ass tryin to pose. thas my video gaming..hahaha dont be fake-be real be truth-walk straight...be great...dont hate on others an put them down unlesss u got reasons for it. so if that isnt real then i dunno wut is.

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