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I am sometimes frightened by the depth of stupidity displayed by my customers. After all these are people who work in Doctor's offices, in most cases these are the DOCTORS themselves. Doctors...people trust them with their lives surely they cannot be THAT stupid. Even more frightening is the knowledge that these people have the potential to breed. I just spent 2 hours and 45 minutes on the phone with a certain difficult doctor. He is a bit on the infamous side in the office, to the point that he is automatically passed to me because 9 times out of 10 his problem is himself. Talk about your ID-10-T error. Some background on the situation: He bought the computer software from us three years ago (you'd think that he would have learned how to use it by now....but no...not him). Up until six months ago he carried a support contract with us, but when it came time to renew he decided that he would pay for support on a as needed basis. Now I have mentioned how I am the one who usually gets stuck with him, and I remember this conversation well. By the end of it I was ready to strangle him but I had explained what would happen if something stopped working and he choose to pay for it as needed. About a month ago I spoke with his receptionist, who said that everything worked great when she was able to keep the doctor from fiddling with it. Anyway he was transfered to me because he needed technical support. I explained how we needed a credit card for technical support to be rendered on account of the fact that he had let the contract lapse. And he said "But it doesn't work" I said yes, I understand that, that is after all why he was calling into tech support and I explained again about the lapsed contract and his decision to pay for support as needed. His response to this was "But its not working" Right then I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach...this was gonna be a long call. Two hours and 45 minutes after I first answered the call, I had had enough. I had explained until I was blue in the face why he had to buy support to be met with "But it doesn't work" or some variation on the theme and when he answered my last attempt to explain it to him with it I lost it. I said "And its not going to until you pay for technical support, have a good day" and hung up on him. I've sent him straight to my voice mail three times since then...and still he keeps calling....and still he keeps saying it doesn't work and so he shouldn't have to pay for technical support. I suppose I'll have to deal with him tomorrow...but I can't do it again today.
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