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Hey there guys and gals in another auction..come by check out what I am offering and place a bid.... Hugs and Kisses Babydoll0215
She is the owner of The Lollipop Gurlz and one helluva lady and she is in her first contest and needs 20,000 to get her First HH stop by and show her lots of love...
I will be offering 100 11's tomorrow for anyone that will be willing to buy me one... Thanks lots of Love Babydoll
She is a great friend...will help anyone who needs to level, or is in a contest. She is fairly new to the site and needs a little help now to level....go show this amazing woman how well we help each other out in need....and tell her...her best friend Babydoll sent you.
For another special treat just email how many you have bombed and for the next couple of days the one that has bombed the most will get all my 11's
For everyone that helps me email and let me know...2 drinks for everyone that helps me bomb and if you do more than 200 I will bling you just email and let me know that you have bombed and how many and I will thank you with gifts or blings Much love babydoll0215
I am in a contest for a blast please help me. Here is the link
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