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A. If it is a BLING achievement.. go to Bling shop and hover your mouse over the trophy in the upper right corner of the box around the bling. A box will pop open with the names of all achievements associated with that bling. (Keep in mind, Per member request... Fubar has been bringing back old bling and mixing in with new bling for Achievemetns, so if you are a member who has been here for a while you MAY have already done the achievements. You will want to check this. )

B. If it is any other achievement, you will need the exact name. If it is a requirement to level, that can be found on your requirement page


Go to MY and then ACHIEVEMENTS .... Click ctrl + F and a white box will open (in CHROME it will be at the top right of your screen... in Fire Fox it will be at the bottom left of yout screen.) Type in the name of the achievement and it will come up. ****You CAN also narrow it down in the drop down box as well..  for LE choose Limited Edition,  for Polishing choose Polishing, if for regular Bling choose BLING and so on..... When all else fails.. INCOMPLETE or COMPLETE covers all of them :)


Once you have found the achievement using directions above, look to the far left of said achievement. You will see a meter. Click that, and a box will open. In the box, click the word Acheivers and a page will open up of all members who have gotten that achievement. You will also notice on that page, under the mebers pic is the date they got that achievement. This can be important when on their page searching for bling :)

Side note: if you have used the name or any part of the name while in chat box, you may have to clear chat box before the search will actually find what you are looking for in the list. For instance, if you have come to me asking for help and I follow the instructions above, I have to clear my chat because you have named what you are looking for in our conversation. The search is just that good lol

When doing ROCK STAR FAME you must get 1k likes AND 1k rates while running Rock stars.

Any rates or likes earned prior to starting the first Rock star, in between Rock stars or after Rock stars expire will not count towards the achievement. 

It is best to note how many Rates and Likes you have prior to activating the first Rock Star so you can do the math later to know how close you are.

You can run any other ability bling along with the Rock stars and as many Rock Stars as it takes to get the achievement. 

Many ask WHAT Exotic bling does ....  Here is my take on it. Please feel free to add comments if you feel I have overlooked something. 


The Exotic bling do many things.

Polishing and/or Liking:

Exotic bling are the largest polishable / likable bling, worth 1k to 2.5k credits and can bring in millions to trillions of points to its owner when mega polished on a high bling polish bonus day or liked on a Bling like bonus day.


The exotic bling can also be used to complete many achievements, from receiving one, to polishing / liking them and even activating them.


 Exotic bling can be activated once a day for 1 hour to attract people to your profile and also to increase daily LIKE and RATE counts for the day.  Exotic bling can be activated once every 24 hour period, from reset to reset fu time each day.  (activation ability never expires, you can do once a day for the rest of its fulife)

While multiple exotic bling can be activated at once, only 1 pony can be activated at a time unless one has more than 24 ponies, then 2 can be activated at a time.

Dbl Stack

Locate 2 members who have a big bang activated at the same time..

go to both and rate the profile, rate 10 pics and leave a PROFILE comment (not status comment) within a few min of each other.

If done correctly, you will have created a 50% bonus for yourself as well as gotten the achievement.



Locate 5 members who have a big bang activated at the same time..

go to all and rate the profile, rate 10 pics and leave a PROFILE comment (not status comment) within a few min of each other.

If done correctly, you will have created a 125% bonus for yourself as well as gotten the achievement.

Do The Fu        
Rate Profile/Like/Rate 10 pictures of different members every 10 minutes for 4 consecutive hours.



#1 Open a separate tab so you can see the meter, make sure it moves after completing each profile, if it doesn’t.. HURRY and do another!!

#2 Use the clock on the computer because it will get you down to the EXACT second

#3 You always START the next one EXACTLY 10 min (TO THE SECOND) after you STARTED the previous one.

... so when i did it, I had the clock up and my mouse on the profile I was going to do for this 10 min period... watching the seconds and click at the exact right time.

 if you don’t do that, and just use a timer.. you lose precious seconds... and those add up in what I like to think of as a hidden clock. once you reach a certain amount of time on that hidden clock, it will bounce you back to zero on the meter.


Following these steps word for word has helped many achieve this achievement. Feel free to PM or SB me if you have any other questions. Good Luck


When trying to do Dirty Family Rubdown .. Polish 250 bling from each of your family when your family is maxed.

1. Max out your Family with people who have at least 250+ bling that you can polish (make sure the bling is not locked or already polished) (FYI... while the Ach. does not list a "timelimit" wiating a MONTH to complete this will not work. A few days is reasonsable. A MONTH is not)

2. Open a second tab so you can see the achievement meter.. make sure after each profile that themeter actually moved (also I recommend noting each one as they move, you will understand why in a min)

3. Go to first member and polish 250+ bling...(Please note.. SOME claimed LE and blind boxes did not work for them (LE worked fine for me)...so just watch... if LE or blind boxes  are not working for you..move to normal bling)

4. I recommend setting a pattern such as ...polish from the bottom up...anything you are going to remember later on. See #9 for why on this

5. Move to next member..... polish 250 + bling while watching the meter until it pops

6. move to next member and so on.... WATCH THE METER!!

7. I encourage you to keep a list... as the meter counts a family member write the name down... later if there is any confusion, you will have a list of who you KNOW has been done!! It helped me when I got to 49 of 50 and couldn't figure out who I missed. 

8. IF  (BIG IF HERE) you got messed up and have a family member who you can not polish for one reason or another .. they CAN be swapped out (DONT MAKE IT A HABIT) You can only swap out a member you have NOT polished yet. IF they have already been polished and accounted for on your meter.. when you delete them the meter will not move backwards BUT you WILL have to make it up and so the meter will look like it didn't count someone (if you need more on this hit me up... just try not to have to swap because it messes things up sometimes)

9. IF you get to the end and it says 49 of 50 and you find yourself not knowing who didn't count.... you need to go back and polish 50 or so NEW bling on each one until you find the one that moves the meter  (hence the reason for setting a pattern, so you know what you polished the first time and don't hit those again because they will NOT count)

10. Some of you have asked about a time frame... I recommend no more then a few days to complete. I have had a few come to me and say that after stopping for a few days the meters went back to zero. No specific word on it from support, just other members sharing their experiences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: to get credit for the achievement .. all 50 polished members must be IN your family at the time of completion!! 

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