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Male · From Tucson, AZ · Joined on July 16, 2006 · 12 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
Male · From Tucson, AZ · Joined on July 16, 2006 · 12 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

I am the proud father of an Army Combat Medic who has just returned from service in Korea. I was born and raised in So Dak... lived in Minn, ND, Wis, Neb, TX, NC and now AZ.

I have recently moved to Tucson AZ. I was a Texan by choice after moving there from South Dakota in 1994. My friends consider me to be an honest hard-working fellow who is very friendly and is usually the life of the party. My friends describe me as a gentleman with a little "bad boy" streak. I am a passionate person in every aspect of life. Riding my motorcycle, traveling and spending time on the beach are some of my favorite activities. I am a considerate smoker and only smoke outside or not at all if it bothers others.

I am not LOOKING for a commitment... BUT not opposed to it either. I just feel that if you are planning for a commitment that pre-supposes a plan or route to follow. I would prefer to let things happen naturally. I do not want to break any hearts... mine or anyone else's.

I am LOOKING for an attractive woman to share friendship with knowing that the relationship will start there and continue on a path that is acceptable to us both. An ideal relationship involves what both parties bring to it. I am an independent person and she should be as well. I do not expect to change her and would expect that she not expect to change me. People need to be themselves and not try to be someone they expect the other will accept. I have been too trusting with others and have grown more cautious. I find that what makes me the happiest is making others happy. I am looking for a friend, riding partner (either ride your own or ride bitch), lover, and companion. Share the cooking and cleaning duties with me. Don't want a freeloader... either help pull the load or get off the wagon. 'Nuf said.

Politically, I am conservative, Republican, and Damn proud of it. It's time the nation divests itself of the two-faced assholes like Harry Reid, Charles Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Ted Kennedy (unpunished murderer), John Kerry ;and their ilk. Political service was meant to be an avocation... not a vocation. Maybe I could balance my checkbook a little easier if the Dammitcrats could keep from spending and had to balance the nation's checkbook like we do ours.

Male · From Tucson, AZ · Joined on July 16, 2006 · 12 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
Former teacher, salesman, lifeguard, smokejumper, scuba instructor, volunteer fireman, bull rider, rodeo clown, bouncer, city councilman, merchant, civic leader, scout leader, Jaycee, Mason, Shriner, rancher, professional hunter and guide, and ... now semi-retired. US Navy veteran.

I enjoy riding my motorcycle, bike rallies, the beach, photography, dark beer, strong black coffee, nudism, 420, horticulture, kites, scuba, skiing, travel... I have been to Sturgis Rally 26 different years... guess you could say I am also a Sturgis veteran... Buffalo Chip Campground is where you will find me.

On a recent trip to the Black Hills, I had the opportunity to catch up on my hobby of taking some wildlife pictures. Some of the results are in my Wildlife Album.


Jimmy Buffett(Yeah, I'm an old Parrothead); George Thorogood and the Destroyers; Janis Joplin; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Bob Seger; The Eagles; Jackson Browne; Eric Clapton; Allman Brothers and many others. Look at my tracks... there are lots of oldies (I have been listening to music for 50+ years)I have saved some songs that are really old... wanted to save them because the artists are dying off.

Kris Kristofferson... just because I like the words in the songs he writes. He sure cannot sing, but writes good songs. Kris was an All American Football player, a Rhodes Scholar, an Army Green Beret, and a drunk. He got his first song published by landing a National Guard helicopter in Johnny Cash's backyard and asking him to perform his song.
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