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Rich's blog: "give it a shot"

created on 09/23/2006  |  http://fubar.com/give-it-a-shot/b5695
lol I actually did it, so if anyone wants to drop by a leave anything, Heres the link :)
Well, either that or a complete idiot. Earlier today, I have a little accident at work and tear up my knee a bit; nothing TOO serious, just a Major bruise, they say after x-rays and stuff. So after 3 hours at the Hospital, and getting medicine and ice packs and having it wrapped, I get Home and what do I do? Defy Doctors orders and Cut some Grass!!!! So, If Ya see Me limpin around like an 80 year old for a week or so, now You know why! lol
If whoever has my crush see's this, please remove it, I'd rather have none than 1. One just seems kind of pathetic.
To Kathy and Wendy for using their `11's to level Me up Love you two xoxoxoxo


well, I got my phone back on after a slight disagreement with my phone company(YES I payed the bill) but still no dsl! ARRRGHHHH so if I can't figure it out after work tonight I may just be on dialup for a while (fate worse than death)
I just changed my default pic, but its the only one I have with short hair. SO, should I keep it or put up one of the longer hair pics for default?
A big thank You to Kathy today for putting Me up to Minion and to wendy for earlier bombs hugs
I wouldn't have paid her a CENT http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071006/ap_on_re_us/strip_search_hoax
I just saw a persons picture folder entitled "Visible to whoever buys Me a blast" or something like that. Why in the Blue Hell would You spend money just to see a few boob or butt pics?
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