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We arne't allowed to speak of God in schools or in a crowd. But I am here to tell you I would scream his name God out loud. You have taken in God We Trust off of the money that we spend. But, you forget I guess, you body and our country is only on Lend. Our children arn't allowed to pray, or even able to speak of him But, in the eyes of God, that alone is a forsakenly in sain. Our 10 Commandments you to have taken the right to freedom of speech and to be who god made us to be. I guess we know who will be in the forever arms of God, not you, that would be me. So take a step back and remember why you are here. God made both you and me, and told us to have no fear. You will never take my breath to speak of the word God. Our country minus well become a member of the Gejahd. And you say we are a free country as long as we obey the law. Well I will be the one left standing, cause god will catch me when I fall. So here is the a free country, united together as one. Enjoy your life in hell my friends, God gave up his only son. Written by: Peggy Rusher 7/24/2008
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