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36 Year Old · Female · From Las Vegas, NV · Joined on July 23, 2006 · Born on March 10th · 13 referrals joined!
36 Year Old · Female · From Las Vegas, NV · Joined on July 23, 2006 · Born on March 10th · 13 referrals joined!

Click Here to get this from FreeFlashToys.com!"I'll Show You Things. Wonderful, Terrible Things"I'm a good conversationalist and a good listener. I love intelligent people that know who they are and arent afraid to be themselves. Ignorance irritates the shit out of me. If your idea of a conversation is "lol" or "ok" or "cool" every other sentence, then don't bother making the attempt to talk to me. Because you'll bore me. I'll either like you from the start or hate you from the start. It takes only seconds for me to decide if I like you or not. Don't try to be 'cool' to impress me. REAL people are better. I'm a very simple person, so it doesn't take a lot of effort to make me happy or keep me occupied.Im very big on "its the little things that count". I love art and music is my lifeAIM- Silverchair3695MSN- OneWingedAnjel@yahoo.comYahoo- OneWingedAnjelWWW.MySpace.Com/TheDownCycle

36 Year Old · Female · From Las Vegas, NV · Joined on July 23, 2006 · Born on March 10th · 13 referrals joined!
*Likes* My Jereme Music Movies Cuddleing Driving Reading Babies Showers Brom Tim Burton Most Art Photography Shopping Chapstick Australia England Piercings Tattoos Honesty Affection Attention My cell phone The Color black Halloween Christmas Thanksgivng Animals Coloring Books Candy Fruit. I eat lots of it. Vampires Intelligence Morbidness Being Happy Jack Skellington *Dislikes* Assholes Drugs (of any kind) Cheating Liars That "what the fuck" look when I know I've made sense Being Single Tail Gaters Puppy Kickers Child Beaters People that feel its ok to be shitty to everyone Being Ignored Laundry Day When my car doesnt work Rude people Apathy Dashboard Confessionals When people try to explain something they know nothing about The kids that steal all the candy on Halloween :oP 2 faced people Arrogance Extreme Heat The Color Pink
Cold Basshunter Stone Sour Johnny Cash The DownCycle Flaw Beethoven Mudvayne Disturbed Taproot Katatonia Hemlock My Chemical Romance Linkin Park Silverchair AFI Kidney Thieves Fall Out Boy Panic! At The Disco Avenged Sevenfold A Perfect Circle R.E.M 10 Years Saves The Day Portishead Massive Attack ATB Dirty Vegas Coldplay VNV Nation Lords Of Acid Dirty Sanchez Staind Skinny Puppy Atreyu Scooter Breaking Benjamin Trapt Candlebox Chevelle Garbage Lamb Korn Prodigy Mindless Self Indulgence Seether Tool The Cure ">
Recognize Bish SAW SAW 2 The Breakfast Club CONSTANTINE See No Evil Clerks Clerks 2 Cube Cube Zero A Clockwork Orange Casper The Phantom Of The Opera Walk The Line The Nightmare Before Christmas Alice In Wonderland Nothing But Trouble American Beauty Wizard Of OZ If These Walls Could Talk 2 Elephant Tim Burton's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Interview With The Vampire The Amityville Horror (2005) Boogeyman Friday Never Been Kissed Grease Full Metal Jacket Dennis The Menace House Of 1000 Corpses Rose Red Hostel Requiem For A Dream The Jacket Monster The Devils Rejects The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Beetlejuice Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead The Crow The Secret Window Sleepy Hollow What's Eating Gilbert Grape Just One Of The Guys The Cell My Best Friend Is A Vampire I'm A Movie Junkie.... Mainly With Horror Movies..... But I Love A Good Comedy and A Good Musical On Occasion, Too....
Criss Angel Scooter Ward Maynard James Keenan Johnny Depp Bobby Flay

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