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36 Year Old · Female · Joined on July 7, 2006 · Born on July 11th · 1 referrals joined!
36 Year Old · Female · Joined on July 7, 2006 · Born on July 11th · 1 referrals joined!

Just another person amongst the 6 billion or more on the planet. I am concerned about where humanity is headed and do not like the consumeristic ideals of many of those who live in north america. I am patient and do not buy anything, ANYTHING on credit. I built my own house in a quiet rural community when I was 19 years old and am quite proud of my accomplishments. I drive an older vehicle and work 40 or more hours a week and go to the farm for my groceries. We still do all our own food preparation, I can cook and bake as well as my mother and grandmother and I like butchering chickens! Anything else, just ask. Oh yea and I can be totally self sufficient in the world if i have to be, i laugh at those "survivor" episodes, they are a bunch of city pussies that would die in real life. GIVE ME A BREAK. Oh yea i am not 109 years old i dont know how to change that i am 21.And if you send me a stupid message or a threatening one i will rip yer pics and lock them in my CAGE!"THEY LAUGH AT ME BECAUSE I AM SO DIFFERENT... I laugh at them because they are all the same!" (jenenny aldad, april 13, 1996}My Mom has a stutter, hence my name! I love it!I don't want to be referred to as "HOT" or any other derogatory term. I am Jenenny, I am unique, I am loved by my large family, and I have a few close friends. Nobody knows me better than my two older brothers. They wish they were me sometimes when I get so much attention. I tell them to do their thing and what they want will fall across their path one day!I have 7 brothers, 2 older and 5 younger. They are my best friends! They are great and I am their bestest sister! I am their only sister.Do you know where Saskatchewan is?I wrote my first novel at the age of 15.I write every day of my life. I keep a diary, it is interesting.My Grandma was a published writer. I miss her so!!Most people upon meeting me for the first time are afraid of me!! They warm up when they get to know me and tell me this! I don't know why?? But my mind is way out there. I have black hair and blue eyes, most people say those things look nice together.I am a mensa member and have been since I was 17. I meet interesting people when we get together.Most North American people treat their pets better than humankind. If you are like that, leave me alone. I would destroy any and every pet in my country before I would harm someone else.We eat our pets. I am the only female that I know of that tends a winter trapline. My favourite animal to skin is a muskrat. My best time is 37 seconds. I am good with my hands!!Blackie was my first pet. I bottle fed him when I was five years old. I helped Dad and my brothers butcher him when I was six years old. He tasted great (black angus). I have also eaten the canine species when I felt like a change. It is better just out of the oven..."hot dog".If you treat me or others poorly you will get it back at least twice as hard...and you won't even know where it came from!!I am interested in our social progress. I dislike big business and corporations.I dislike anyone that participates and supports war and warfare. If you support the curent U.S. administration then leave me alone. You are a butcher. If you "support the troops", leave me alone, you are a supporter of murderers. If you have ever enlisted or admire someone who has enlisted, leave me alone, my world will be better without knowing that you exist! I wish there were a million Michael Moores in this world!Many wealthy Americans make a lot of money for themselves by propogating war. They make a lot of misery for everyone else!If I should be grateful to some murderer for my freedom, then I would choose to be less free, if I have something in my life because someone else was exploited, take it away, I don't want it.I love the world around me and do not need the help of others yet I find myself always helping others.During the week I attend classes in a place called Saskatoon: I go home every weekend to the farm to avoid the culture of the University student...most of the people I meet there are no minds...I like to refer to 'em as city pussies!I love the culture of the original native north american people. They had it right! I have followed their religious practices since I was old enough to make that choice! I love Mother Earth! Humankind like today's consumers are parasites on the face of the earth.Capitalism is mankinds worst error!I do not alter what Mother Nature has given me...I do not shave (gasp), and do not put on makeup or deodorants (omg), I will not colour my hair when I get old! I love the attitude of Eastern European women (my ancestors) and detest what Canadian women do to themselves to "look better".I believe the North American culture of today is totally messed up. Women have been convinced by the media that we are ugly and we stink in our natural state; (hence we need to apply makeup and perfume)therfore we must buy all these consumer goods to make us feel better about who we are!My brothers see things the same way, even though they have been immersed in and aquainted to today's culture of greed and individualism.I would have a hard time posting photos of myself as it would most certainly interfere with my private life and my writing...Saskatchewan is not a very populated place and it is very easy to know of someone in the province through one or two connections! I should add that I live in the northeastern part of Saskatchewan near a region known as the Nipawin area. We have the largest walleye in the world here and my brothers and I go fishing often.My user name is a play on words...an Uncle of ours used to tell us that nothing bounces around as much as a cat when it is beheaded (even more than a chicken does). And that a cat is so high strung that when the axe comes down the blood pressure really does some fascinating stuff. When we were thinning out our cats one day he killed one that I had named...OMG MY PUSSY SQUIRTS, they actually shoot a column twenty or more feet! You have to see it to believe it ;).Thanks for taking a little interest in who I am, I hope you enjoyed reading this and that is all I really need to hear from anyone at the moment. I am no "hotter" than anyone else. Last time I checked my temperature was around 98.6

36 Year Old · Female · Joined on July 7, 2006 · Born on July 11th · 1 referrals joined!
The ever changing world around me, the people that co-exist on this planet, the events that set the world stage. Mostly I am pissed with the American evildoers, the current u.s. administration, and all the corrupt people in this world that see exploitation of humanity as their way to get what they want. Albert Einstein, Tommy Douglas, Ysvegny Zamyatin, Carl Sagan, George Orwell, Steven Hawking, Chief Seattle are some of my idols.
c&w is what I was raised on. My Mom and Dad got ahold of a record player in 1990 at a garage sale. It came with 500 or so long play albums (all for $32) which were 99% country. We played background music every night and I memorized most lyrics to most of the songs, some going way back to Johnny cash and Patsy Cline days. I also like music with interesting lyrics, just for the stories within.
EINSTEIN........for his total brilliance and understanding of the laws of physics and the rules of mathematics DOUGLAS.........the only true social democratic leader that has ever made significant changes to our social fabric. He was voted the "greatest Canadian of all time" by the Canadian people. ZAMYATIN.........he understood where humanity was moving long before anyone before him or since him. The futuristic view through his eyes is unfolding before us today. His novel 'WE' should be much more popular. SAGAN............could explain the marvels of the ever expanding universe in layperson's terms for everyone to enjoy; and I had my first crush on him when I was 12 years old. ORWELL...........every school child should be encouraged to read his novel 'Animal Farm' as it gives so much insight into human behaviour and those that THINK they are in control of us! HAWKING..........for his unfettered and ever moving description of our Universe, where it originated and where it will end up. He reminds us just how insignificant humankind is in the grand scheme of things. Also that we are but by chance!!! CHIEF SEATTLE....his writings of more than a hundred years ago warned of the ways of the European settlers. He has been right on every count. Who owns the wind? AND EVERY WOMAN..that has ever stood up and proclaimed that the male leaders of our war dominated existance should all be brought to a court of their peers and be made to pay for their murderous ways!
Video Games
Don't do any except grand theft auto and the old nintendo system. I can do the old nintendo tetris at level 18/3 or the most I have stacked at level 19 is 17 lines. I loved Zelda and spent hours figuring it out. I don't have the patience nor time to get into any new games.

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