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Teresa's blog: "Downrater Alert"

created on 10/22/2007  |  http://fubar.com/downrater-alert/b144588
He gave me a "1" how generous of him! Please don't rate him back or comment him...that just gives this freshmeat more pnts! Drewman

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Rated me a "1" and downrated many others! JUSTICE

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This newbie just gave me a "2"...hurry and block him bfore he does this to u!! RodSt

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Geesh....when it rains it pours? Here's another one....he rated me a "7" :( Looks like i'm the only one he downrated? itzme

@ fubar
Just rated me a "5"....make sure u hurry and block him bfore they do it to u!! jdttn29

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