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what, why? i dont understand why do you care? fuck that i'm not doing that what the fuck if i was going to i wouldn't be here fuck you that's such bullshit whatever i am just going to leave why should i stay to get called names this isn't how i thought it was going to be -click-
life is a dark and dirty place where you seem to only fall deeper into the depths of despare cant there be something else something worth fighting for why is that everytime you think you have got out there is something that pulls on you to return i have given up i swan dove from the top i now lay at the bottom broken, bruised and loveing it there is nothing like pain to make you feel alive nothing like pain to make you want to live i hate all those people running from it like scared rabbits hate those of you that are so scared to even risk anything pain is life and life is pain PAIN IS LIFE AND LIFE IS PAIN
scattered like the birds that desend in the wind scattered like the scares that probibly should have been scattered like the fruits of a thousend years of sin scattered like the thoughts like my thoughts that flow through this pin
choris -destroy their febble minds destroy the forgotten lies destroy the clock and the time destroy my petty life- destroy everythingi cant get enough destroy my life its in a paper cup destroy all time cuz its just a waste destroy my brain now i'm shit faced choris destroy all lines man there just a drag destroy my mood seems i am always sad destroy your drugs cuz they have no worth destroy the jocks so horray for the nerds choris
reality slips and reality wakes and reality kills as reality hates sound systems beat everyday as it makes my eyes see through grey your lifes are all just the same its fashion passing with its shame so what are you to do with it as all that stuff is useless shit miniscule minds are passing by sometimes it makes me what to cry you think it will last through the sands of time man do you really beleave those lies reality slips and reality wakes and reality kills as reality hates my mind is bouncing back forth as i think of the crys of the poor havent finished it


the light is bright, almost blinding i squintto rid the glare and then i see it, all the pain,suffering,guilt i have left in my wake i try to stop it, hands out infront it just keeps comming , pushing forward i struggle, fight it i cant sleep anymore, dreams are to dark twisted are my thoughts i can feel what's next, i can see it try to avoid it but it's like i am supposed to embrace it how can one fight what he is destined to become, a monster the only way to describe it is mans inner most nature natural instincts of man aren't love,peace,or harmony more like death,destruction,disorder,kaos,and abuse i want to say i am a good person, but all the signs say different how can man be this way, how can god be this way
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