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i am powerless of the night
the cresent moon makes me feel alright
come on baby dont be afriad
in hellfire we dance and play
missing her every closeing eye
the wakeing morning is so bright
mislead thoughts that i give in
so peace!!
please come to me again
it's a bloody night!!!
my love was lead to these lies
the bloody night!!!
i sit awake and cry
this bloody night!!!
throw away all my strife
my bloody night!!!
i strip away all my pride
so i stomp down these silent streets
a knife in my back as it shakes with the breeze
the smileing faces surely tell you lies
frozen postures, the ones i disspies
so i reach out for a friend
but there to help in the end
so baby tell me " am i all alone"
to face this frightful night alone
it's a bloody night!!!
my friends have all left my side
the bloody night!!!
my mistakes have hit your eyes
this bloody night!!!
your the only one in my mind
my bloody night!!!
forever shall i leave my past behind
so i start to move ahead
now the ghost of my past haunt me again
curled up in your door way
but you yell for me to go away
i step forward and dont look behind
i guess someday i'll be back in my prime
but i will always think of you
and our love that was beautiful and true
it's a bloody night!!!
our love has begun to fade
the bloody night!!!
the path in life that we crave
this bloody night!!!
two new lifes begin today
my bloody night!!!
the dawn of a new age
so wait!!!!
ten years have passed us by
and we each have our own new life
i dont blame you for that bloody night
or for those things you wanted out of life
so i hope we face again
to tell you "that you are my only friend"
i love you and always will
you've had my heart since royer park heart spills
but now it's time to look ahead
and take my life cuz it's mine to slit
so its come down to a second great deppression miniscle thoughts put down in supression happy with these war mongol sessions arrested if your thoughts arent put under compression bush started with the surplus regression then trys to stronghold the united nations i am still steady screaming fuck the bush administration while New York trys to ban public diminstrations why cant we have peaceful congrigations i think it must be mind and thought minipulation to keep the U.S. public under suddation even worse is our opperesion over the global population dont ever buy into U.S. illussions


so when i think about my past my brain is stuck on rewind i hope it doest always last all the images are horrible to me cant see, cant even breathe cuz there on my t.v. what is wrong with us cant have fun or cops will bust why me , lord please whats wrong with my society cant run , cant hide how will humanity last (just wrote need to re-write badly)
1984 is now vibratting our illeagal sounds the thought police have the control give way to the rise of the proles o'brain has lost his mind victory mansions are on fire tonight ministry of love will put up its fight hate week has begun right big brother is watching you all the sheep have no clue telescrenes are the tool of the game loss of free thought is a crying shame just lost hairs from the lions main war is peace what the hell is up with that freedom is slavery i cant get by with what they gave ingnrance is strangth the 3 states desire is to terminate 1984 is now 1984 is now 1984 is now (i dont know about this one, it needs alot of work)
choris i cant beleive their reason i cant beleive your reasons i cant beleive their reasons why their dieing TODAY!!!! (repeat 2x) the troops are at war for their uncle the sheeps have massed man but now they closed the past and towers ablaze people are crazed sounds that clash with burning clouds of ash AHHHH!!!!! choris (repeat 2x) well presidents lie not a fare cry from the truth but now i lit the fuse people sreaming people crying i cant believe the anger thats built up inside me choris (repeat 3x) sample(THE CHILDEREN OF GOD WOULD NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN)repeats 2x noise solo sample(and the deviant shall shall walk the earth for all time)repeats4x choris (repeats 4x)
fuck it all who cares anymore why is it so important to be the man on top or how fat your wallet is why cant it just stop, all this greed all it does is cause war,dealth,pestilence, and fammen you dont see it cuz they have you glued to your seat in servatude you know the rights you give away you dont get back patriot act, sound familiar i think they made a movie that covered that ENEMY OF THE STATE and you stupid fucks gave them everything they needed if i could meet you in person i would spit in your face money hah, is it really worth the price that is comming i just hope you enjoy your blood money, i really do!!! cuz in your greed you have doomed us all the tears i cry arent for you or me it's for our youth and what they are going to have to do and put up with AMERICA THE LAND OF THE INSANE
life is a common reality between all things it's me,you,rocks,trees,animals,insects but the quest in life is of the most importance if you give up on life does that make you weak, perhaps but that isn't the point, the way i figure is everything gives up on life in one way or the other. i have been told i was wrong maybe i am, one will never know truely. i have always said that conflict is life so it always made complete sence to define myself through conflict, thats what i have lived by from so many years now. but now it seems as though my thoughts have started to change, between you and me i could give a fuck were i go from here, i am just here for the ride, the ups and downs, it's all the same to me now.i have had it with everything in life love,happyness,sadness,friends,enemys. who the fuck cares anymore,"not i" said the cat. so where do i go from here who knows, who cares, "not i" said the cat, "NOT I" said the cat
as i am walking razor blades trying to find my way out of this what i ones thought was the truth now seems like a forgotten faith drugs used to supress this feeling but now they dont even do there job the only place i feel at peace is in the ring beating my thoughts and frustrations into the next man blistering is the anger i feel toward humans how much i wish we all would just fall of the face of the earth
stupid shit plasters the walls sizemic activity in the class room halls spinning lies fill their heads watching kids walk by as their brains were under fead the emptyness is aparent sad is the excuse of the kids these days respect is no were to be found additude has come to the screeching high but brains have fell since my day i guess i am just older now, wiser i grow in time maybe i was like that maybe i was the same way maybe maybe
dismull mind states and criminal crime waves so hit this blunt boy yo tell me how that bomb taste your minds blazed in spiritual ways and when your am hitting of this shit your getting lyricly phazed so stop and switch up the pase and you think i give a fuck what you have to say the rest i will write tomarrow to tired
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