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Darkness (Jim Morrison, I am not...) Darkness Heavy on our souls. We need a new sunrise, immaculate in conception, perfect in splendor and raideance. Come forth and bring peace, come forth and bring inlightenment of the ones gone before. Did you know that mad spitits roam free in the devils hour? Did you know that searching souls roam wild in the night under dim stars that shine dim scenes in the graveyard? There's a deamon on the doorstep. Destruction for sale. Nations buy in bulk. If blood is the rose of mysterious union, are bullets the brand of enevitable death? Shoot the fuckers down. More roam in the sands in midnights madness. "This is the end, beautifull friend, the end." The Poet still sings somewhere in the sun. Bring a new sun. A new day, not of destruction. Rise and come forth.
I’ll Give You a Ride Where will you go when the wilde night comes? When Death rides up on a wilde black horse. They were warned it would come by the poets and the prophets and the aincient ones. They were warned they would cause their own death. Mass unknowing suicide,lead by blind pigs too greedy to care. Black Shrouded Death controles them. Did no one listen when the Poet cried? Did no one listen before he died? They were warned to early, listened to late. What have they done to our childrens fate? The children watch as the Black Horse rides, he brings our doom. Watch with me, under a mad new moon, insane scenes in the everpresent night. Come on. I'll take you down by the sea. We'll watch the waves crash destruction on the shore. Where will you go when the Horsemen come and mad men run rampant as the cities burn in the angry sun? Come on. I'll give you a ride.
Sweet southern summer, thought it would never end, Turn around and he's gone again. "Come back with me, please, this time stay..." "No, I have to go away..." "But why, when I love you like I do?" "Because, girl, we both know neither one of us can be true..." Hot summer sun, slow summer days, our time appart was allways in a haze. Then one day he left for good, never told me bye, I never understood. Years had passed, I thought that love had died, burried in a graveyard way deep down inside. Then a frend brought news one day, my love had taken his own life away. Memories flashed before my eyes, it didn't matter that he'd lied. Remembering the time on the beach, or the back seat of his car, when we couldn't even speak. I wish he'd never gone away, but burried in that graveyard is where he'll stay. Sometimes the zombies will try to rise from the graveyards we keep deep down inside, Fight them down, lay them to rest. They can only bring tears at best...
Love Eternal Love is eternal when I look in your eyes, passion flows free in your touch. The sun smiles down on true love. Were you there when I was surrounded by night? Using and being used in the dark. Sin for sin, lie for lie, wild and untamed.. Regrets filled the darkness. You smiled and the sun rose. You spoke warmth and love, Forgiveness and understanding. You broght forth life from the dying. Eternal love and gratefullness will allways be yours. I love you.
A little poem for a happy fuckin new year. Fireworks explode like bombs on the harbor. Waking spirits roam free at midnight. Explosions fill the sky. Empty celebration. Do they celebrate new life? A new dawn? Or a faded, warn out facade of happiness to mask looming death? One year closer to destruction. Smoke fills the night like saddened spirits in dark destructive skys. Go forth. Destroy yourselvs. Go forth. Drink yourselvs to death. Go forth. Lie. Murder. Destroy. Go forth in blindness and ignorance. Come with me into a new blood dawn. Look full into Death's smiling face. "Come forth." he says, "Come forth, I'll show you a new sunrise, radiant in blood. I'll show you oceans of death and decay. I'll show you mad dances by mad spirits rotting in murderous delight. I'll show you those that I'v devoured. I've devoured years and wars and armies soaked in blood, and lost souls in the dead of night. And now I'll devour you." Come on... I'll show you....
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