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36 Year Old · Female · From Albion, NY · Joined on April 21, 2006 · Born on June 11th
36 Year Old · Female · From Albion, NY · Joined on April 21, 2006 · Born on June 11th

Easy going understanding, fun, loving, Not single. Gonna be going to college real soon. Anything else just ask

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36 Year Old · Female · From Albion, NY · Joined on April 21, 2006 · Born on June 11th
I like to play basketball, volleyball, & football. I love to party. Every now and then I like to drink. No I dont drink a lot but I do every now and then. I like to go out and have fun.

I write lyrics, poetry, and I write stories. I am your typical teen. Love to have fun lol.
I listen to anything and everything.
I love Horror flicks but I could go for a little comedy here and there

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    GRAY GHOSTBaby Kay
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    16 years ago · Reply
  • Someone ⇒ Baby Kay
    WOW, you are very beautiful. I would love to get to know more about you and your personality too. Everything from your likes to your dislikes, things that bother you and things that dont. I'm 27, single, I love art and can draw my ass off, awesome artistic skills,I have no kids and dont mind if you do, I have no criminal record whatsoever, 100% drug free, really big on honesty and being real, I hate fake people and liers. 110% faithful when in a serious relationship or even when not in a serious one, funny as hell, good looking, athletic build, get drunk off like 3 or 4 beers, lol, at least I dont have to spend like 40$ at a bar, I work in the meat, deli, and seafood dept's at wal-marts supercenter, also looking to work a second job too. I always have a job, all year long, goal oriented and good at achieving them, towards the end of this year trying to get back into college for architecture and/ or construction. I have a two-year general studies certificate at the moment. If you're ineterested then get back to me whenever you get the chance or SHOUT at me if you really want to chat, sincerely, Luis Angel Torres

    16 years ago · Reply
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