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JUST ME's blog: "All Dead Inside"

created on 04/23/2008  |  http://fubar.com/all-dead-inside/b209810
The feelings of the past Of all the relationships Did not ever last now I'm sitting here Alone and crying I felt the pain of my heart And the pain of my soul Having nowhere to run and hide No place, nowhere to go. Feeling lost all the time All alone Don't know where to turn to Have no reason or no will to live So I'm letting you know this Of all the loves I've ever known And ever had in my life You've already lost my love, My faith and all my feelings are gone. Of all the feelings I have left are none But why do I still want to cry I am frustrated and wondering So lost and no one cares Have no one or nothing for my life It's all been stabbed by a knife In my back so I guess from the dying inside I'll just wait, sit down and relax No friends, no family, Nothing but all dead inside.
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13 years ago
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