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64 Year Old · Female · Joined on November 27, 2005 · Born on April 12th · 3 referrals joined!
64 Year Old · Female · Joined on November 27, 2005 · Born on April 12th · 3 referrals joined!

Ghetto GirlI'm crunchy and raw,I forget and let the popcicle thaw.I'm crunchy, creamy, much too dreamy.Life fits way too real on me.I'm ghetto, my bike has no brakes.Sometimes thats what it takes.With Love and AlohaI invite you in.BewareMy world brings out emotion.Its a safety zone,i'm tight with that.Most often you'll see me wearing a hat.I am you and you are me.Laugh or cry,Your not sure why.Raw and crunchy,In my room,All pink and japanese-y,Ghetto Twiggleishious,We can tune out all that is Krittlevisious.My world can be way too real,I'm a true ghetto girl.Heart, Body, and Soul,Crunchy and raw.I keeptrying not to let the popsicle thaw.Come and join me in my room,Lets take a moment,Forget the sad and the bad.Just open my door,We can laugh and pretend.Being there for one another,Some days less, some days moreIts so good to have you as a friend.O.K. over and done.This is the end.***********Aloha************Crunchy,creamyzilla,dreamy,Suzi.BThe Connection" Telephone in my handThoughts in my head that I cant standHolding on so tightlyAs if this phone of plastic is so Mighty Mighty…Might Be…Might She…Might He...Might Not…Might Ring…Might Bring… The connection that can relieve the stingOf painful words that relentlessly singAnd the pain that wraps around my heartWith a tight and evil stringEyes glued to the small plastic screenName and number about to be seenMomentary fate sealed in plasticSuddenly seems so obscene Connection, important, mundane, nice, or mean This is a number that I recognizeTake a deep breath and close my eyesHurry up! Answer this callOne chance for today, then its over that’s allUntil the next time we get luckyOne random chance a day is sucky!Pick it up push number 3The voice on the other end says “Hi, it’s meâ€Or something double crazy funnyThen he’ll say “just rufin’ ya dummy!†Connection madeWaiting for this callGood choiceSo good to hear each others voiceThen, it happens the words won’t comeStuck up inside my mind, so fucking dumbAt last quick snap! break the spellYou can relax all is wellBecause in your hearts there’s no doubtBoth have a friend who you care about As you say goodbye againYou feel much less of the pain that you were inLife will keep going alongAnd good friends will help you carry onSittingPhone in hand at both endsThis day’s connection over for these friendsListening to the buzzing soundAnd so for nowBoth feeling up instead of down This girl is EQUIPT-yodont get the wrong impressionthoughjumping beans in shoesknowthey make her jump way tooslowmaybe she needs togrowa longer set of limbssoshe can get to the frontdoorand go see a friendforspecial beans to make her wantmorein the end she always getsboardand calls out to herLordsend me a really sharpswoard!o.k. i am finished for now...over and outjust add me on and i'll be pleased with out a doubtz to the lala

64 Year Old · Female · Joined on November 27, 2005 · Born on April 12th · 3 referrals joined!
for some reason every time i log on to my lost cherry page i am kicked off the computer........hence the reason i am not able to participate and communicate with any one on this site soooooooo... untill we figure out the problem, please believe i miss those of you who made life more interesting for me and hope you are all doing well, live life to the ZILLA!!!! suizisazillagirliebutt! HOW IT IS... Current mood: sick 1:am, 2:am, 3:I am, 4:me...time spans... Nerves jangled, thoughts tangled, tummy mangled. My back is so tight, i'm sure my spine is now curving in an angle. Nothing i can focus on, brain feels like a ghetto lawn. My very last nerve is just about gone. Wondering why so many don't know, right from wrong? The User/Looser hiding behind the fu#king Agro/Confuser. This is the way you want to be. Dont like people getting all question-y. Dont want to think about anything "REAL". The glass wall around you is so... Krittle-a-fied it's as if you have partially died. Your so called heart is now fossilized. And please believe, you can pray while your kneeling, but...do not talk about your feelings. Not when the precious glue just started congealing. Glue that does not hold things together, this glue does the opposite. The user instead becomes...un-glued. Often throwing a randome fit, the manipulative way of a real live chicken-shit!. Having witnessed the ugly apethetic way of you, i understand that instead of looking at me, you were really just looking through. You have never truley seen me at all, now i think that i've never really known you. You seem to be completely lost. You will get whatever you want, no matter the cost. Using any one as you see fit, as long as you continue to reap the benefits. Does not bother you at all, who it is that you have used, it seems that you enjoy seeing the pain, in the people that you have abused. Now...guess what?..... I DONT CARE!! You have no hair, you smell like nair, use it so much there is none to spare, and if there was, you would never share. By the way.........................................just in case you care...you are about to disapear...poof !
SEE TRACKS... MUSIC IS MY LIFE, BREATH, oh...if you know you know, eh?! too many different types of music to love, WAY too many to mention in one little life! > Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags
i like too many movies to mention ...i'll get back to it later
i STILL want to cartwheel with the Dali Lama, be adopted by Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, thumb wrestle with Jason Magers(i'll win jason!), I still want to meet my DAD... ;} (all of the people from the City of Joy are and always will be true HERO's!)

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