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40 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 29, 2006 · Born on February 8th
40 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 29, 2006 · Born on February 8th

Hey all the names Robert but ppl call me my different names usually rob or bob, i've got my lip pierced on the right twice n i plan 2 get it done another time on the left. I also have my right nipple pierced n wanna get the left 1 done. Aswell as my left ear pierced at th bottom that is in th proccess of being streched and the middle of my left ear on the rim pierced, ive also just had my ear pierced rim to rim, conch on my right ear and my neck which just looks like to spikes stickin out of it. In the Past two weeks ive add an extra 2 pircings to my collection which are on the anti eyebrow of my left eye. I also have a tattoo in btween my shoulder blades which i designed myself. Im for eva dying my hair, at the moment it is half purple n black, in the past it had variations of black(which is my natural hair colour) wiv blonde, blue, green n red. Im wanting to dye it the tips of it soon but thats gonna have to w8 till i have muny to spend lol.

Im currently at college doin my fda in animation n game design soon to b called animation n illustration wen i go bk after the holidays to do my BA honors top up, i got that last year left of it then i get to leave donny n all the bad memories behind, even tho there are alot of gud ones to that i wudnt wanna forget. 1 day eventually i wud truelly luv to leave england n go live in america.

Music n friends r the 2 most important things in my life, i will do anything for my friends and wud rather just lay bk n listen to music wiv lyrics that make u think. Ppl can usually see wat mood im in from the music i listen to cos im always listening to sumthing or other. In the past years ive been leeds fest twice n download once, this year its was download :D which rocked, spent time wiv old friends and made new friends, drank enough n listen to sum gr8 bands was perfect cudnt think of a better way to spend my weekend.

I got sum of the best friends i cud ask for, friends from school like my m8 Dave (gin) whos been through a lot just like me, Vic whos been there for me through alot of hard times, tucker who is just tucker l0l and Emma who ive only just started really talkin to once agen. My college m8s Steve, Neil, Paula n Tanya to b honest i dunno wat id do wiv out them, there a gr8 bunch who id do nearly anything for. And then theres the random ppl ive meet here there n every where, Mr Kev, Alicia n Emz my friends from stafford and Saz from Birmingham who i luv to go visit wen i got muny l0l. Then theres Laura who can drive up the wall sumtimes but id nvr change her cos shes just gr8 n Jo who at the moment drives me insane, which aint to much of bad thing cos im alrdy half insane as it is l0l.

40 Year Old · Male · Joined on June 29, 2006 · Born on February 8th

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