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Male · Invited by: Dreamzzz · Joined on March 28, 2007 · Born on January 1st · I have a crush on someone!
Male · Invited by: Dreamzzz · Joined on March 28, 2007 · Born on January 1st · I have a crush on someone!

Let me start off by saying a few things, I'm not here for points or leveling up. I'm here to meet people and friends. I am a volenteer firefighter in my spare time. I may not agree with life styles but I also do not condemn them. If I don't agree with you totally I will not post a negative comment. We are all entitled to be what and who we wish to be. One more thing. If you have private albums you wish to share with me I will honor and respect them. I will not however submit to paying a third party or anyone else to view them. I find that sorta thing demeaning. I only get on line while at work. Many times it says I'm on but I may have stepped away so please do not get upset. Leave me a private message and I will answer it as soon as I can. Many friends I have meet here are great. Many have been chatting with me on my YIM and I have found them to be fantastic. I believe in natural beauty. All people have a natural beauty both in looks and in feelings. Not all people can be a cover girl or guy but that doesn't mean they are any less of a beauty. Real people and real things is what I base my stories on. Be a true beauty and be real. If you do then I will respect you till the end of time. Be a fake and I will ignore you now and forever.
I do allot of different things to keep myself busy. One of the things I do for fun is write short stories. These stories are of an erotic adult nature. I have written over fifty stories. All the stories I have written have been by request. Let me explain how it works. For example, Jane Doe has requested that I write a story for her. At this point I first and foremost confirm that Jane is indeed an adult of legal age. You may ask how I do that. It’s a lengthy process but to sum it up a bit I have a question form that needs to be completed by Jane Doe. Upon review of the form, I then decide whether to do the story. If I decide to proceed then Jane is contacted via email. The question form gives me the basics for Jane. Upon completion of the story I email the story to Jane for her approval. On the form is the right to post stipulation. What this basically states is that the story was written for Jane and if she posts it on the web then story must have the caption ( written by John the Story Guy ). Also with the posting this allows me to post it as well at any time.

You may ask why I do not post a picture of myself here. It’s simple, I like to write the stories. I like to keep my distance from the people in the stories. I like keeping my identity anonymous. If you ask I will tell you anything about myself truthfully, with the exception of my real name and where I live. So feel free to ask.

Here is some info. I am happily married and have been for a number of years. So I'm not looking to hook up. I'm 5' 9" br hair, blue eyes. I have 2 sons that my wife and self are very proud of. I love the outdoors when I can get out. I have a very stressfull job and one of my biggest escapes is to write the stories. The stories in no way reflect myself. What they reflect is the character whom I am writing them for. I hope this helps.

I do have works posted on the web for viewing. The stories are intended to be strictly for fun and entertainment. They do not reflect any event or life style of the author or characters depicted in them. All names in the stories are random names with the possible exception of the main characters first name. The main character is the requester. It is their option if they so choose to have their real first name used. Any questions ask.

If you would like to read and comment on some of my works they can be seen @ http://www.myspace.com/johnthestoryguy Please note that you must be on my friends list to view. Please submit a friend request to me for viewing and commenting. Help me to protect our young people. I check all request for friends to help insure that all that read them are an adult. Too many people out there trying to hurt the most precious things in our lives, our young people.

John the Story Guy

Male · Invited by: Dreamzzz · Joined on March 28, 2007 · Born on January 1st · I have a crush on someone!

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