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Sapid very Piquant F...
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sh*t faced!
Female 30
 I AM SO SORRY, HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO PLAY 😞 UBER RL BUSY♥️ thank you everyone for all that you do for me, the family adds, bonuses, crushes, fans, adds, bling likes and polishes, the ability points you use on me, profile and pic likes/rates, drinks, bombs, rekts, blings, comments on profile and pics .... etc ... I appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart ......♥️ ~ 💎💎💎still collecting BLIND 💎💎💎BLING BOXES📦ANIMAL FRIENDS 🐕 🐱 and ICE CREAM TRUCK or whatever you choose, I will love🍦🚚 💎💎💎 if you could send one it would greatly be appreciated, if not, I still have mad fu luv for you ❤DANIEL❤
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