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29 Year Old · Female · Joined on April 19, 2012 · Born on March 24th
29 Year Old · Female · Joined on April 19, 2012 · Born on March 24th

My life runs on passion and espresso. I never think before I speak and when I want something, nothing can hold me back. My name is Gabbi, legally Gabrielle Marie. My mom was too woozy go write Gabriella on the birth certificate but that's what I say my full name is so suck it. I'm abbrasive, hypocritical and opinionated but only when the time is right. I'm not a loud mouth who will call out someone for wearing white after labor day but I can't stand bullies, people who hurt animals and if anyone starts shit with me...enough said.I also happen to be a caring a generous person.I understand that most people my age don't have their lives together..I do. I know who I am and I really like the person I've become and that's what I'm looking for, I'd really enjoy meeting someone who is content with lifeI'm the girl who says she doesn't like chick flicks but will watch them when I'm bored, let's not lie..I cry whenever I watch The Notebook..then I go around mumbling what a stupid movie it is. Don't even get me started on Marley and Me.... I'm scared of the dark and sometimes heights, I hate free falling so no extreme scream or tower of terror rides for me but I do like roller coasters. I paint (poorly), I develop new hobbies often. I spent a while reselling things I got off of craigslist for free, I made a lot of money but I had to store a lot of crap. I'm not a music snob, I just recently got rid of my Ipod because I never used it (bad seattleite.) Currently, my new hobby is baking..Cupcake wars style.I've done a lot of things that I'm proud of, I have a wonderful full time job as a Sales Rep for CFN, warning! I am on-call 24/7 for a week once every six weeks. I've been to Portland, Ocean Shores, Crescent City, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Disney Land and Boise all in this past year and I enjoyed it greatly. I have my own apartment, car and when my commission gets larger I plan on taking business classes at some college.I want to get a better apartment, mine is fine but I want more room and if I move a couple more yards I could live right on the beach. I will own a Mustang one day, it is a goal of mine. I have to go back to Disney Land it was wonderful and I have only been once. I also want to go to Roswell, NM...Id love to drive back through Ely, NV I love the air, the sky, the mountains..its perfect.I love animals probably more than I like most people...by most people I mean the masses that are obsessed with Jersey Whore and wear their pants down to their knees. I have a giant labrador and german shepherd mix who lives with my parents..I didn't originally want to move into a place that didn't allow big animals but I was in a bad situation.I really enjoy writing, I haven't done so in such a long time...I like to talk, so feel free to message me with something intelligent or in reference to my profile and I won't blow you off.Oh and I'm pro status on Zombie Survival...come at me.

29 Year Old · Female · Joined on April 19, 2012 · Born on March 24th

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