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41 Year Old · Female · From Pittsburg, CA · Joined on June 22, 2006 · Born on January 23rd · 2 referrals joined!
41 Year Old · Female · From Pittsburg, CA · Joined on June 22, 2006 · Born on January 23rd · 2 referrals joined!

** Hey Hey Hey!!! What up SUCKAS?... First off let me introduce myself.... *ahem cough cough* My name is Arlene... E N E L R A spelled backwards! =0) I'm 26 yrs. old...FUCK!!! That for sure is old! LOL JK =0p I'm short.. try 5'0 or even shorter HEEHEE. I love love love love love my family and partners in crime, they mean the whole world to me. Lets see... things I like... I love all types of music, goin' to the bars(major plus) ordering a couple of drinks like sex on the beach or coronas will definately start off the night................. sometimes goin' out to the clubs, I guess shake what my mama gave me (lol) =0o watching movies ( especially scary ones where most of the time you are hiding behind your hands) watchin Napoleon Dynamite ( EAT THE FOOD) and White Chicks ( I won't !) over and over and over again to make me pee in my pants lol. goin' on road trips ( try from the bay area to MA and back...) tattoos( i have 21 altogether)and piercings, collecting pictures of family and friends and then adding it to my wall o' pics... hmm... I'm open-minded, fun, random at times, sweet, caring, unpredictable, at times i have jokes...but their not that funny lol HAHA i try!!! Well thats what I've been told... DAMMIT I talk too much... basically just have fun... Life's too short....so live it like its your last.... I'm outie 5000 lol ahahahahaha But..... I am not done I need to redo this.....

41 Year Old · Female · From Pittsburg, CA · Joined on June 22, 2006 · Born on January 23rd · 2 referrals joined!
I ♥ my family I ♥ my friends I ♥ tattoos I ♥ Story of the Year I ♥ road trips I ♥ going to concerts I ♥ MUSIC I ♥ sappy movies I ♥ smell of jasmine flowers I ♥ my best friend Danielle (salamat sa iyong supporta) ;0) I ♥ laughing till my sides hurt I ♥ piercings I ♥ Last AmAndA I ♥ csi I ♥ unique hairstyles I ♥ hooded jackets I ♥ my donald, stitch and bears I ♥ mashed potatoes I ♥ hugs I ♥ my silver ring I ♥ The Used I ♥ color green I ♥ rattle bracelets I ♥ sleeping @ 7 in the morning I ♥ promoting I ♥ unsolved mysteries I ♥ eyeliner I ♥ cold cold nights I ♥ head scratched I ♥ From First To Last I ♥ parmesan cheese I ♥ fuckin' partying till the break of dawn I ♥ my flat iron I ♥ deep sleeping I ♥ nicknames I ♥ chocolate chip cookies and ice cream I ♥ sweethearts I ♥ when my eye twitches I ♥ bright eye shadow I ♥ dreams that feel sooooo real I ♥ walking on the beach... picking up shells I ♥ printed pillow cases I ♥ family guy I ♥ drinking I ♥ scary gorey movies I ♥ late night talks I ♥ being tickled I ♥ shoelaces I ♥ when I feel happy... I ♥ you all for reading this... I will add more later =0)
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Currently... The Sims 2 ahahah ( Thanks DJ for getting Dani and I also my 3 nieces hooked on playing that game LMAO )

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