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39 Year Old · From Tallahassee, FL · Joined on June 21, 2006 · Born on April 5th
39 Year Old · From Tallahassee, FL · Joined on June 21, 2006 · Born on April 5th

Well I'm 5, 10 170 pds and i am laid back chilled with style and soul. I love sexy and beautiful women and i also like to write poetry so enough about me here something for the ladies to read and think about. Here's an invite for a night with me read carefully and see if you would like this ladies. One Night StandAs I awake and glace at your sexy body from the bed sideI don't cover up because my body can't lieI stand there with my body all hard and tenseAnd baby you are so sexy it makes no damn senseThe one night we shared has now became dayAnd the only thing I can do or sayIs damn I'm sprung from your seductive and sexy styleYou are asleep like a new born childSo I clean and cook for you beautiful ladyBut, in my mind I want to be shadyTo hide the fact that you have caputured me with your style and graceI awake you with a kiss upon your ever so beautiful faceNow your body was never the caseI get caught deep inside the glow in your eyesAnd it's no supriseThat I am now lost trying to find my way back to strength and honor as I am the manBut, it is known that this is a man's worldBut, it's nothing without the girlBecause you are an image of meSo I get down on my kneesJust so you can eatAs I proceedTo feed youA smile appears upon your faceNow it's a raceThe race of who leaves firstBut, as time goes onIt get's harder and harder for either one of us to leaveSo I finally step up and be a manAnd as we walk to the door you grab my handWe kiss as it's time to departOh! Shit... I feel something in my heartI run as fast as I can to the carJust to get away very, very farBecause, I'm not ready for loveSo we go weeks without a wordAnd I heard that you and my homeboy went outSo I thought about...If you want to fill in the lines of this story then hit me up and we can write script just me and you one hunit...

39 Year Old · From Tallahassee, FL · Joined on June 21, 2006 · Born on April 5th
Hey what's up to all the sexy ladies out there my name is Vershaun and im simply on here to have fun and meet sexy fun exciting ladies. A little about me im laid back chilled type of dude who loes baskeball writing and going out to the club with my boys just getting my play on. I love having fun and hanging out and also i love happy hour that's where all the fun is. So you kinda got the run down on me if you want to know more then just hit me up and we will vibe on a whole nother level one hunit..
Juice, Sunset Park, Above the Rim, In to Deep, and Coach Carter.
Now about my interest in a female she has to be an open minded person who is willing to try new things in life and also she has to be passionate about life i don't want a boring person. She ha to be secure with her body and sexualitiy because i am a very passionat person and sexual so i need someone who is going to give me what i need as well as give her what she need. Last but not lease she has to have a good heart and be willinmg to have fun and keep up with me one hunit..

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