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38 Year Old · Male · Joined on January 11, 2006 · Born on June 11th
38 Year Old · Male · Joined on January 11, 2006 · Born on June 11th

Saulteaux-Cree-MetisThis is about meI listen to everythingHope you do tooMisery was shrouding meIt called me from beyondThe days I wastedI never tastedLife is meant to give you scopeEven when you've lost all hopeI'm getting some vibesI need to surviveThe past is overWe need to move onI'm ready when you areLet's reach for the starsWe can go farThe only way of knowingIs to never stop growingNow I don't know where this is goingBut I think it's already showingLove in the futureIs more likely than notBecause I've said it all alreadyIt's all that I've got

38 Year Old · Male · Joined on January 11, 2006 · Born on June 11th
I love to write It's like flying a kite We all get involved when we listen up right I tell a hidden story In every word I say You want some information I've got your confirmation We're not all perfect people Look inside yourself and see We've all got secrets, you and me I fell for somebody Who is one of my good buddies We're not the same as others I'm not supposed to cross the line But I did it all the time We didn't mean to get carried away But I'm sorry but it's there to stay I'm telling you this so you can hear The day I found love, I never seen more clear I found something in this That will never disappear Love is blind
I love all kinds of music It makes me feel confusion Because I don't know which path I'm really headed on Rock is killer I need a filler Of that guitar Cuts a hole Through my mind Even though some lyrics touch you We all get changed It's there to inform you Bass is deep It can help you to sleep When I feel bunk I blast some funk Music is the great messenger It flows right through you Like your blood I'ts calling your name The best thing to do Is look for a verse That is all about you I'm wasting time right now But it's better than before I'm never coming down I'll see you around

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