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43 Year Old · Female · Joined on January 9, 2006 · Born on June 12th

i love life. i love love. i love people. i love animals. i love plants. i love music. i love movies. i love parks. i love water. i love children. i love friends. i love family. i love me.i hate ignorance. i hate stupidity. i hate intolerance. i hate bigotry. i hate insincerity. i hate dishonesty. i hate disrespect. i hate fake. i hate hate.i hate those who don't know who they are because i know who i am.so answer me this...who are you?what are you?when are you?why are you?how are you? OH & I LOVE MANIA TV!

43 Year Old · Female · Joined on January 9, 2006 · Born on June 12th
chocolate, music, german chocolate, movies, dutch chocolate, friends, mexican chocolate, cooking, milk chocolate, parks, imported chocolate, coffee, baking chocolate, sex, domestic chocolate, singing karaoke, dark chocolate, adult toys, chocolate bars, shopping, chocolate syrup, travel, chocolate liquer, tea, chocolate confections, children, fudge, cute shoes, chocolate ice cream, massage, and did i forget to mention chocolate?
i'm a genre girl really...too much good **** out there. r&b, rap, jazz, neo-soul, alternative, pop, rock, classic rock, soft rock, house, trance, happy hardcore, techno, jungle, punk, classical and blues. i also happen to like soundtracks and soundscapes. basically anything w a beat that has a decent flow to it.
angels in america, scarface, godfather trilogy, the color purple, shindler's list, life is beautiful, american history x, rocky horror picture show, empire records, garden state, pretty woman, when harry met sally, carlito's way, hoodlum, a bronx tale, casino, rounders, fight club, crash, 50 first dates, dumb and dumber, liar liar, menace to society, boyz in the hood, state property 1&2, baps, the rich man's wife, losing isiah, traffic, spun, party monster, kill bill 1&2, jackie brown, coffee, pulp fiction, hero, crouching tiger hidden dragon, matrix 1, lilo n stitch, lord of the rings 1, 2&3, sideways, fox n the hound, lady n the tramp, south park: the movie, head in the clouds, devils advocate, chicago, you know i really could go on forever and i'm tired about to call an infatuation object but i'm not finished...
willy wonka, wonder woman, shera, rainbow brite, batman, thunder cats, garfield, lilo n stitch, michael moore, condaleeza rice, bill clinton, rick james, oprah winfrey, buddha, ghandi, jesus, edgar cayce, aleister crowley, slyvia browne, al pacino, larenz tate, the dalai lama, my momma, big momma, and your momma coz shes a llama.

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