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59 Year Old · Female · From Elmwood Park, IL · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 14th · 65 referrals joined!
59 Year Old · Female · From Elmwood Park, IL · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 14th · 65 referrals joined!

I take risks & love to be adventurous. I run a high end, busy bicycle store and endurance/long distance bicycling it is a big part of my life. I also am a licensed cycling coach and run an indoor training program. I suppose the case could be made that I’m defined by my work but that’s hardly the case

I’m not a head case or a woman with “issues” I’m legally separated, have been for a long time. Sometimes it just takes too damn long – stupid economy-anyone wanna buy a house??? Know what I mean? It’ll be done in early 2010 one way or another.

Physical appearance is important but not the sum total criteria for me. I like my body. I’m voluptuous, curvy and athletic. I’m a passionate, physical woman (forewarned is forearmed). I’m not seeking a Michael Angelo (although that would be nice). I just want a guy who can at least see his pecker when he stands up.

I have my own summer place in an adult only oriented camp ground, so to say that I’m the outdoorsy type understates my love of nature and how I think of “adventurous.”

Liquor is not part of my life simply because I don’t like the flavor. I don't smoke cigarettes or use hard drugs either. That doesn’t mean I want to manage your vices, that’s something you have to.

I am definitely into BDSM however I am not a lifestyler. My personality is switch –but I prefer to sub. In my vanilla life I tell people what to do all day so I like to give up control in the romance department.
I have no problem switching but I don’t have to. I think that’s either a big turn on OR turn off for a guy.

Eating healthy has become habit - in spite of that I don’t like fish. I’m a meat (sometimes red but lots of chicken), vegy and brown rice gal. I prefer a medium done rib eye or juicy chicken breast from my BBQ grill over some theme restaurant.

I have my own place, keep house for my self - I’m not looking for any one to “take care” of me. I’m warm, sensual, smart as a fucking whip and reliable – seeking same in a man.

I have no children and don’t want you to take care of yours.

Who I'd like to meet:

No long distance voyagers, if I want to see you I don’t want to work that hard (6 hour drive). I’m looking for a monogamous relationship (which does not necessarily commence on the first date).

And dude, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m into bicycles. So you being into road cycling would definitely help you move towards fiddling with my other moving parts.

I’m looking for a man with yes not to be trite – a common lifestyle especially the bicycling thing. I am NOT looking for casual sex or long distance cyber. And you really like have to know how to kiss.

You would be more of a switch then a sub and into a healthy lifestyle. You would be a one woman man. You’re my age or younger because older dudes have trouble keeping my pace.

Lastly but important…I am looking for a guy that wants to be REAL and has the you know whats to ask a chick out on a real date. I don’t have the time for endless on line messaging or weeks or more of phone calls just to find out we don’t connect in person.

Courtesy of MsTags.com
Courtesy of MsTags.com

59 Year Old · Female · From Elmwood Park, IL · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 14th · 65 referrals joined!
I am an avid endurance/distance bicyclist.
I LOVE to camp, hike & swim.
I LOVE whitewater rafting & have done about a dozen rivers across the country.
I have a certain interest in BDSM. I am a switch.
I like playing backgammon.
I like to travel.
I am an artist/photographer.

My tastes are eclectic but I definately don't like opera, hard core country, traditional jazz or rap. I LOVE great rock n roll both old & new. I love the blues & there is plenty of that here in Chicago. Some of my favs are Lennie Kravitz, Chris Issak, The Dead, Beatles, Stones, Roy Orbison....I love good girl singers like Josh Stone & The Indigo Girls (there are so many hot girl singers right now). My 1st favorite song as a little girl about age 4 was "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" sung by Nancy Sinatra. MY FAVORITE NEW SONG: "Crazi Bitch" by Buckcherry - Album is named 15.
ROCK ME BABY!!!!!!!!
My all time favorite movie is, of course, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I do not like gore, suspense or scary movies at all.
Video Games
Once I got the princess I figured I was done! LOL

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  • joshua11Shes got legs ...
    Hey there I'm in Elmwood park IL too would you like to grab a drink or something you name it

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    HAPPY birthday.

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    Happy B-Day ! I'm Former Coast Guard, so I know my knots

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    Happy Birthday~

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    Miss ya',HAGN! xoxox

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    yes that is true its is a every ending cycle in life

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND !!! May peace, love and joy fill your special day !!!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDA! Have a beautiful and blessed day! David

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    The BridgeAn Old Man Came down the Road of Life,to a Chasm Wide and DeepHe Spent Much Time on the Downward Climb,Then Scaled the Walls So Steepand When He Got to the Other Side,He Set to Build a BridgeHe'd Build it Safe and Strong,So it Would Span from Ridge to RidgeHe Labored on to Build it Strongwith Sturdy Beams and Piersto Span Life's Deep Dark Valleysand It's Swirling River of TearsAnd When He Finished . . .Standing near . . .Another Pilgrim Asked?"Old Man" Please Tell Me Why, You Thoughtto Choose this Awesome Task!Your Life's near Spent and Yet You've LentMuch Time to Do this ChoreYou'll Travel Not Again this PathBefore Life Shuts the DoorThe Old Man Said . . ."I Build Not Thusfor Thee or Me to CrossI Build So Other's ComingMight Not Suffer Any LossThere Comes Not Far Behind this WaySome Day a Fair Haired YouthHe Comes with Hope and InspirationSeeking Love and Truthand When He Comes He May Not BePrepared to Climb or SwimI Build from Love Within My Heart ---I Build this Bridge for Him!So . . . If You Think I Am Foolish . . .and My Work Seems So Absurdthe Reason for this Bridge Is FoundWithin God's Holy WordHe Said, Do unto Othersas You Do Yourself Each Day" . . . . . . . .and I Just Heard Him Speak Again . . ."Old Man, You're Still Traveling the Right Way!"Poems by Ron BaronHave A Great DayHugssssssDon

    11 years ago · Reply
  • Someone ⇒ Shes got legs ...

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  • Someone ⇒ Shes got legs ...
    hiya gorgeous !thank you for making me a friend xoxoxox

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    Happy birthday...

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    Have a great evening!

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    thx for your add

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    Thank you for adding me! how are you doing tonight?

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    hey sexy

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    hi hon...good to see you online....just sending some love

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    Thanks for the add hon!!! Hope yer stayin warm!!! have a great day!!

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    how the hell you beenstill thinking about you

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