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35 Year Old · Female · From Tampa, FL · Joined on October 31, 2005 · Born on November 5th

Hey, my name is Giovanni. I dont really know what to say so this will be kinda short. I'm a student at HCC. after my two years there i plan on transfering to either USF or UCF....most likely UCF because i wanna get away from home. I hate living with my parents, they don't let me do anything! Right now i'm majoring in business but really i have no clue what i wanna do or be. Anthropology is really catching my interest, i'm consodering maybe maojoring in that field. I really like learning about other cultures.....it's very interesting. I'm a military brat! I have no hometown. My first plane ride was when i was 8 months old. I've lived in Illinois, Turkey, California, Panama, Portugal and now i'm in Florida. I've visited London and Italy. I was in Paris overnight lol. My favorite place was in Portugal. I made so many friends there and the island was gorgeous. I loved going to the festivals. I had so much fun there. I wanna go back and visit soon! I live ROCK! that's pretty much all i listen to. Rap is retarded, there is no point to their music. They rap about the same thing all the time...Hummers and Hoes! how stupid is that! I like R&B though. But mainly I'm a rocker chick, even though most of my friends listen to hip hop. but i got a good number of rocker friends. Bands i like are Slipknot, System of a Down, Breaking Bejamin, Fall out Boy, Story of the Year, Disturbed, Manson, My Chemical Romance, etc. The only rappers i like are Missy Elliot and Eminem. I've been single all my life. Even though i'd love to have my first boyfriend one day I'm pretty happy being single at the moment. mainly i'm just focusing on school. boyfriends and girlsfriends are just distractions. And i don't wanna be distracted. And i like that i can have fun and do what i want without being tied down to someone. I like being free, lol. I'm happy with just my friends, they keep me company :-P

35 Year Old · Female · From Tampa, FL · Joined on October 31, 2005 · Born on November 5th

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