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42 Year Old · From Virginia Beach, VA · Joined on November 24, 2006 · Born on December 24th
42 Year Old · From Virginia Beach, VA · Joined on November 24, 2006 · Born on December 24th
42 Year Old · From Virginia Beach, VA · Joined on November 24, 2006 · Born on December 24th
SUP CT!!!! Hosted By SomeCodes.com FINALLLY!!!!I'M HOME. THANKS FOR THE LOVE THAT I GOT FROM EVERYONE. I DID MY JOB NOW IT'S TIME TO GET BACK TO MY LIFE. I MIGHT HAVE TO GO BACK NEXT YEAR. IF I DO, I'LL JUST DO MYT THING ONCE AGAIN. KEEP SHOWIN US LUV. HIT ME UP ANYTIME Hosted By SomeCodes.com SGT Maupin, We haven't forgotten about you. We WILL bring you home!! Hosted By SomeCodes.com Someone asked me not too long ago why I do what I do. This is what I Told them.... Sept 11 was a day that no one will forget. I was on deployment on an Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise CVN 65 at the time. It was about 4:10 pm my time because we are 8 hours ahead of the East Coast. Some one came to me and told me that someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center. Now me being from Newark, NJ I know that flying into ANY building in NY is Impossible with all the airports around. But when I got back to my shop, I saw what the rest of the world saw. I couldn't believe it. And what's worse, my father worked in Tower 1. I didn't konw what to do. Here I am in the middle of the Arabian Gulf and my family is over there. I managed to get a call out thank to my Captain. I called my Grandfather because he could see the whole thing from his window in Newark since house sits on a hill overlooking NY(anyone familiar with Newark knows where I am talking about.) To make a long story short, my father didn't make it out. And later on that month, I found out that my mom was on her way over there, but she got 2 flat tires and only had one spare. So the reason I do this....So that NO ONE has to ever go through that again and to make sure that the people responsible are brought to justice; either by the courts or by my M-16!!! For all you Brothas, papi's, whateva you call yourself. If you aren't taking care of our beautiful women when they have your seed, How can you call yourself a man?????? Better yet, how can you call yourself a FATHER?!?!?!? Too many times I hear Our ladies say that they are having a hard time with their "babydaddies". It's past time for us to STAND UP, GROW UP, and be REAL men. If you aren't man enough to handle that, then you are nothing more than a waste of space!!! Imma Continue to Rep Brick City, NJ(Newark for Dem dat don't know) and NYC Loud and Proud. Then Imma do my thing when I get back. You down? You know what to do. If u diggin what you see, holla at me at nj_2_va@yahoo.com If you Hatin, Keep Walkin! But remember all of us that are over here doing what we were asked to do. We do it For AMERICA!!!! Holla at cha Boi. ONE Hosted By SomeCodes.com

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    Just passing thru and thought I'd say hi and have a great day!

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