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Joined on November 22, 2006
Joined on November 22, 2006



tucked away near a hidden hollow
is the stone cabin peppered with smattering of fresh white snow.
A long grey wispy trail of smoke rises into the cloudless cyan sky and turns southward by winter's gale.
Inside the safe sanctuary it smells of soup
mixed with the rising homemade bread taking me back to childhood joys.
I hear her softly singing as she cooks
the cats weave through her steps and graze her calves peeking from black gown.
I enter her domain to fill my cup with Kenyan coffee and a touch of cream she smiles impishly as if recalling the night.
A kiss exchanged as my hands slip between soft silk and softer warm thrill of skin finding nothing but flesh underneath.
she giggles as I lift her lithe lovely body placing her at the edge of the counter her legs wrap tautly around my neck.
My tongue snuggles between her pink gate as I drink from her endless fountain lapping her sweet musk scented sex.
till her moans punctuate each wicked flick and her river flows freely feeding my lust a succulent dessert enjoyed before the meal.†Sin-Jin



Linked by a chain,They sit on her fingers side by side,Always a reminder.
She is his,From now until forever for thier bond,is stronger than most.
He is hers,And she is his
Together,In love and trust.†Sin-jin



Soft as silk you brush my lips with yours.Soft as suede I caress your nipple.Soft as satinI run my hand down your belly.
Smiling,I part your lips.Moaning,your nipples harden.Gasping,your belly quivers.
Eagerly,you open yourself to me.Breathlessly,you beg for more.Ecstatically,you cry out your pleasure.
Gently you stroke me.Sweetly you kiss me.Lovingly,you hold you forever.†Sin-Jin



I've been broken.
Eyes I thought could see my soul went blind and my unsuspecting heart was dropped by hands I'd come to trust.
It was then,unstrung by the cold shrill fear of abandonment I tasted all the bitter fruits of hurt and anger;I was shaken to my core.
I was broken.
But,in choosing to draw together the scattered pieces of my self,I began an anguished exploration.
I sought to make some kind of meaning out of the painful knowledge of love professed
and then that love forsaken.
Entering a formless Solitude I examined and reexamined what had been said and done until those things became transparent and unveiled the peaceful waters feeding my resilience.
Finally, I learned to accept and forgive my own and another's fallible humanity;only then could I begin to slowly reintegrate the scattered pieces of my self.
Yes,I have been broken.But I know now that I was blessed....by brokeness.†Sin-Jin

Joined on November 22, 2006



I sip my cup nervously Does she see me?Does she not?
I watch her from across the room
Does she do the same?
Silently,I offer my trust Does she take it?Does she not?
I watch her make hier move
She takes another hand.
I close my eyes and hear the sounds Does she love me?Does she not?
Slowly I look at her again Her lips are touching.
I feel two tears roll down my face Will she miss me?Will she not?
I have my answer,now?†Sin-Jin



....and so I pray..... vessel,that is woman bless me with your grace bestow upon me an image..of the man I wish to be deliver me of myself
place me in your tender heart bless me with your wonders
so deep so holy I beg of you....sweet woman bless me with your touch give me the smile of love place your soft hands
upon my muscles and in my hands bless be with your ecstasy
deliver me unto your sighs I vow my love, my faith, my soul
for I be but a mere man and you...a goddess from other shores take this life, this soul, this heart, this body I give do with it what you wish I'll I ask...sweet goddess
bless me with your grace....till my end.†Sin-Jin



The temporal nature of sand
castles built in a season drifting warm moats and turrents
first gloried by the sea then banished by the tides our skin red from biting kisses of the sun melding sand and foam in endless rivulets of coming and going.
Bigger and better we build and expose our faith in impossible
defying the rules of impermanence eyes closed to the inevitable memories implanted in the cool shadows of what could be waxing brighter as sight grows dim.
The lilting lapping of swelling sea to sand sucking at our ankles pulling at us to surrender to the flow of eventuality and experiential onslaughts smearing boundaries of convention convenience and conscience.

Come with me nowdown to the water's edgeand brave the open sea.†Sin-Jin



I see her first darkly through skein-nets of trees,she is a brilliant flash of white pensive and private,she broods.
In the woods the darkling woods thinking of the dark the dark demon of the night how he comes to her.
With dark-bright featherwings
to enfold and restrain to capture and possess,how she
writhes,moans and cries out...wakes in the morning to an empty bed, how he.
Haunts her heart spaces through the sun-filled hours with his dark hope...with his demon grasp but then...
She sits in a sunny place till her perfect lover comes to sit quietly with her and does not touch her nor writhe nor moan with her.
Nor delight her body but sits and says nothing while her dark bird hovers...unseen yet bright-dark in the world.†Sin-Jin



How my thoughts are racing soooo...
I just whispered aloud.
"I love you...",
And have the softest feeling for real,no teasing.
You 'get' to me so damnably easy...I don't know or understand why or how you just do.
It's because...somehow...we...belong I know...silly me.
I melt at some awkward times and just shake my head at others.
But I want to hold you so tight and make love to you and hold you close afterward and make love to you and just 'be' with you and love you.
Woman...the thoughts that just race by physical... mental...my stomachs a big knot and I want to sing, smile...just laugh...shake it off...but can't.
I want you curled with me,around me,on me.
I want to be in you
a part of you...held so very tight and close...and never let go.
I want to touch you,taste...explore... mentally,physically...and more so much more.
I want to play and 'be'as only we can.
How my thoughts are racing soooo...such is the beginning of 'loving' you...silly me.†Sin-Jin



there is tensed muscle in their night daring deeds.
A healing viewed from the side
and crying.
Tilted unaware oafs like me gawk through slitty glory holes at imitation.
No one is there to knot then release my craving satisfy my orders perhaps the very yellow pages.
Information is a trickle it is humiliating how little we know about being little
craved then held weeping still.†Sin-Jin



Wandering now and then
my mind does wonder,to things I’ve said in foolish innocence.
If had know then
what I know now,would I have held my tongue and kept it all secret.
Or would my courage have held and allowed me to spill what would forever change us.
Regret rises violently clutching at my throat,damning me for the foolishnessand the haste with which I spoke.
Or is it rather the sound of my own self pity as it wraps me in its loving arms hoping I won’t see through its guise.
There is no answer to be had for a question asked too many times
of ears clamped tightly shut It will be mine alone to go on wondering if regret is what I shall choose to hold
or if the truth was worth the price.†Sin-Jin



Soft scents,pale blooms
those wings of butterflies listening to the songs
trailing on the breeze come hither,beckons the leaf and all is calm.



Screams of tourment echo thru-out my soul,For the demon of pain, has been unleashed
Flesh hangs rotting,from a frame in despair love turns to the bloody beast,My aura is not of love but fears............
That life will partner with death.†Sin-Jin



As angels watch my heart breaks their hearts break watching me hurt.
They offer relief while I wallow in the pain they feel helpless.

Angels do know the path needed steps to take for lost love.
But I wander lost in agony heedless to heartbreak balm.†Sin-Jin



Life sends us clues day by day
to help guide us,and teach us the right way.
It's our choice to listen and follow the strange voices in our head.
I pray every morning that I too may make the right choices until I go to bed.
What we learn from our mistakes shapes us into who we are and hopefully who we're meant to be.
The world isn't perfect and it will not stop for you, not even for me.
What do we do when life throws us curves?
Do we swerve and miss?
Do we catch and fall?
Or do we catch it and throw it back?
I don't have all the answers.
I don't even have a clue.
I just hope in the distant future,that somebody up there forgives me and you.†Sin-Jin



Sitting here,bones run cold from the chill of the rain.
The candles flickering in the reflection of my chocolate glance.
Sipping on some cinnamon apple spice tea listening to music that soothes and accepting chance.
The chance of love long lost and found again searching forever for that special one.
Where words unspoken speak volumes and unheard desires come undone.
A feeling of peace and contentment that allows the heart to sing.
Forever erasing any doubt of worth through his touch, freedom rings.
Beautiful silence echos within wrapping myself in sensational trust.
Love that is bound by soul and chance guided by fruitful love and lust.
The salty tear dances upon my flesh A sensual sigh escapes my lips.
The shadows caress my once empty soul with just the lingering of his fingertips.
Passion pulls at our heart strings A lifetime waiting for the chance.
One look into eyes so full of deep reverie A whisper of tomorrow's moonlit dance.

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With eyes softly closed I still taste you...the lingering scent of lavendar,the wispy strands of your hair on my cheek,the soft and gentle rhythm of heartbeats mere moments before locked as one
roaring and surging now nestling gently calmly entwined
inside and out.
With eyes softly closed I still feel the heat sheer animal flame primal fire released yet encompassing quenched yet ever hungry,the effort of merging
sweat's sweet sting,the timeless moment,the 'afters' glow
the infinite softness of you and me and such a fullness
I've come to know.
With eyes softly closed a single tear flows the indescribable emotion released from within
as the eyes silently open and find yours looking in.†Sin-Jin



A fiery dread fills me.
I can't breathe
I can't think
I can feel the sweat starting to form at my temples and trickle down from my brow.
I have dreamed of you nude like this.
Stretched, supine across the sheets that cover my bed.
I still my heart
I catch my breath
And I fall into you and everything that you offer and together we murder days blue.†Sin-Jin


†69†A kiss innocently shared brought on by loneliness and numbed by wine.
Thrilled for lips to meet
so soft and gentle different than any man.
Two curly manes one blonde and straight tangled with fiery red curls.
A bevy of clothes shed cast about young lovers
a press of woman against same.
Hands following similar forms a smooth braille curiously surveyed harmonious moans matching needs.
Fingers delight in warm wetness green eyes rivet on blue both asking and answering.
A tongue travels slowly red curls flowing down to wispy light V.
Simultaneously they dip tongues into fragrant musk rivers a circle of heightened senses.
Drifting in ecstasy falling helplessly into satiated smiles.†Sin-Jin

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