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Male · Joined on September 13, 2005 · 11 referrals joined!
Male · Joined on September 13, 2005 · 11 referrals joined!

Well I think I have pretty much summed myself up, feel free to fire away any questions that you have. I am a THE hotel in Cabarete, Dominican Republic waiting for someone like you to come down, surf, skate, kite, drink, eat...and maybe a little sleep. Come down and meet me and see for yourself...I won't let you down.

Male · Joined on September 13, 2005 · 11 referrals joined!
I enjoy when crazy people from all over the world come and stay here...kiting, skating, surfing, drinking, eating. Then the next day talk about everything that happened the day before, and what we are going to do today. If only the walls could tell stories of of all the things that have happened on this piece of Cabarete...probably not a good idea. Anything action based interest me, and Cabarete has got it all. The hotel can offer you everything you can wish for (skating, kiting, surfing, paintball, wakeboarding, mtn. biking, paragliding, windsurfing, motocross)..did I miss anything? And you can always stay in touch with your friends and give them shit for sitting at home in an office while your on the beach, free wireless internet from the front of the hotel to the back, and live webcams...just dont give the address to your boyfriend or girlfriend. :) The website is under construction, but most functions still work. http://www.extremehotels.com
At the hotel we like to start of with a little chill out music to get things going in the morning. Then as the day gets going the music changes...as the hours pass the volume goes up and hits a peak at 5:00...why, because its Happy Hour. Now depending on the crowd we have a huge choice music from Slightly Stoopid to country, so we can satisfy any mood...ask and you shall recieve.
We got it all at the hotel...from Scarface to the latest sports vids. On Sundays you can check out the movie of the week on the projection TV ,with the thumpin sound system. Or there is always the skate/surf/ kite/ Red Bull movies playing in the beach bar. A little something to entertain you during your feeding freenzy.
Well I idolize just about anything or anyone that attracts people that need adrenaline to keep thier ph balance. Whoever is an idol in their particular niche is an idol....heroes, legends, leaders.

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