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34 Year Old · From Martinsburg, WV · Joined on October 5, 2006 · Born on January 9th
34 Year Old · From Martinsburg, WV · Joined on October 5, 2006 · Born on January 9th

Hey what it is everybody. My Name is Tiffany but everyone calls me TQ. I'm about 5' ina half feet tall (lol) 113 lbs. Half white Half Panamanian. From good Ol West Virginia. I work at a place called ReBuilder Medical and I've been there for about 4 years now. I go to beauty school as well and will be graduating in Dec. Ima pretty independent woman. Just recently got a spot with my homie JJ. Drive my own car. So yea...to describe myself in one word i would choose Independent. :) I'm real laid back... like to have a good time... love bein funny. Anything else u wanna kno about me just ask :) ..Muahz

34 Year Old · From Martinsburg, WV · Joined on October 5, 2006 · Born on January 9th
I love doin Hair. However I don't think its going to be somethin that I'd enjoy doin my whole life. I like spendin time wit friends. Puttin some in the air.. drinkin a few drinks... I like playin Texas Hold Em n Spades. Maybe a lil pool here n there.
I love movies. Number one by far is Coming to America. Then Scarface, White Chicks, All About the Benjamins, Friday (all of em), Napoleon Dynomite, Crash, 16 Blocks, all the Saw movies, Ace Venturas, and....I can't think of too many more at this moment but I love comedies. Definatly a Dave Chapelle fan... Loved the Contender and occasionaly watch UFC...into people who fight lol... thats about it
My idols... I really look up to my mother. She is the hardest working woman I've ever met and by far the best mother in the world. I also admire my older brother, Andy. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be who I am today. He's always watched over me and taught me right from wrong. Also when my parents were out makin money for us he was the one taken care of me. So thats greatly appreciated. And last buy not least my girl Kasha. If it wasn't for her I'd be the biggest tom-boy. She taught me how to be lady like.

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