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33 Year Old · Invited by: xbrianduhx · Joined on October 1, 2006 · Born on October 24th
33 Year Old · Invited by: xbrianduhx · Joined on October 1, 2006 · Born on October 24th

I sing in a band called The CityBowl Mizers cos i cant play any instruments and i'm studying Architecture at the moment.I was born in argentina and moved to South Africa when i was three, do the math and thats how long i've lived here for, oh and i speak fluent Spanish and i'm always lookin for people to speak with. I'm a really open minded kind of guy and love going out and partying although things always tend to get out of hand (Cape Town trips bring out the worst in a person, but its fun none the less)! I love music! Just the sheer concept of human beings expressing the intangible through sound and verse gives me goosebumps, life would be boring without a soundtrack for every moment and memory we experience.I seldom get all Emo and socio-phobic, i'm outgoing and i'm always ready to meet new people and learn more about what makes us so screwed up as a human race, if you can't fix it, admire it. I try not to over analyze every little nuance of life cos i'd rather have blind fun than reason every action, plus it's better to live life with a little ingnorance, don't you think?I value my friends more than they know and going out and getting a bit wasted with the ones you care about is the most fun you can have on a saturday night or any other night of the week for that matter. I live for holidays and trips to Cape Town, wish i could live there dammit! Alcohol of choice: for that summer time feeling drink Vin Coco straight or mixed with Sprite (not that Malibu shit, Vin Coco is way cheaper and tastes like the the devine vision of a virginal Catholic School girl with a hint of sluttyness).I do enjoy the odd Marlboro even though i know smoking is lank bad for your voice and your health, ahh fuck it, i dont care!Ok i'm over writing this, if u wanna get to know more, send a message or something and i'll be super stoked to chat anytime.

33 Year Old · Invited by: xbrianduhx · Joined on October 1, 2006 · Born on October 24th
a static lullaby, afi, alkaline trio, antiflag, bouncing souls, bayside, bad religion, at the drive in, atom and his package, atreyu, beastie boys, blood brothers, blood hound gang, catch 22, dashborad confessional, dead kennedys, the distillers, durango 95, everytime i die, foo fighters, frank sinatra, frenzal rhomb, funeral for a friend, fuzigish, nekromantix, jo srtummer and the mescaleros, pietasters, dropkick murphys, agnostic front, goldfinger, good riddance, greenday, half price, hi-standard, hog hoggidy hog, incubus, lagwagon, leek and the bouncing uptones, less than jake, lightyear, madness, metallica, millencolin, the hives, lost prophets, my chemical romance, new bomb turks, nirvana, no doubt, no fun at all, nofx, pennywise, potshot, planet smashers, q and not u, rancid, rage against the machine, red hot chilli peppers, system of a down, sibling rivalry, sick of it all, skaladdin, sloppy meat eaters, spunge, stevie wonderfuls, stretch armstrong, strong bad sings, sucidal tendancies, sum 41, taking back sunday, the clash, the lawrence arms, none more black, the liptones, the offspring, the reverend horton heat, the rudimentals, THRICE, thursday, tiger army, transplants, voodoo glow skulls, the brian stezer orchestra, the stray cats, johnny cash, chuck berry, the get up kids, circle takes the square, strike anywhere, rise against, RX bandits, strung out, authority zero, sinai beach, darkest hour, the entire pulp fiction soundtrack, mad caddies, norma jean, shutdown, skycamefalling, the bruisers, the strokes, the tornadoes, the vandals, the ventures, danko jones, the slashdogs, diesel whores, bed on bricks, the rising end, raising hellsinki, sniper on the roof, evenflow, tonight we die, the doppler effect, the awful truth, the scare, the horror cast, a day to remember, the academy is, alexisonfire, as i lay dying, autopilot off, bleeding through, boys night out, like one brand new song, the rest are shite, cirlce takes the square, ctrlaltdelete, cursive, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979, emery, evergreen terrace, fall of troy, fall out boy, fear before the march of flames, gatsby's american dream, gay for johnny depp, THE GET UP KIDS, hopesfall, the mars volta, motion city soundtrack, SAVES THE DAY, say anything, throwdown, THE TONY DANZA TAPDANCE EXTRAVAGANZA, trivium, the warriors

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