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47 Year Old · Female · Joined on December 9, 2005 · Born on January 1st
47 Year Old · Female · Joined on December 9, 2005 · Born on January 1st

Peaches LyricsPeaches Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCure.comI am Sammy Bee, I'm cute as a button but i'm missing a lung. I'm a sweet girl, Unles i feel cornered. I'm an artist and I plan on majoring in Fine Arts. I'm in a femme grindcore band called Architeuthis. I never eat and I hardly sleep but i dance alot. I'm naive, but everyonce in a while I have my moments of worldly experience and understanding. I look like a crappy scenester, but... I'm not, Im lacking the attitude that comes with the culture, I'm too shy with new people. Usually when I get to know someone a little more I become very overwhelming. And I wish I was a man; just so I could dress like a woman.

47 Year Old · Female · Joined on December 9, 2005 · Born on January 1st
I Love art, Painting, Photography, Graphic, Design, Fashion, Makeup, Ect. I Like thrift stores and sleeping in, tea parties, and good indie films 'n zombie movies. I love to dance, Love to go out to a show every so often and meet new people.
The Pixies, Blonde Redhead, Blood Brothers, FischerSpooner, Tegan And Sara, Another Blue Door, Architecture In Helsinki, She Wants Revenge, Lords Of Acid, DeerHoof, Action Action, Dinosaur Jr, Placebo, Electrocute, The French Kicks, The Faint, Cloud Cult, Miss kittin, Spoon, The Violent Femmes, Seachange, Cursive, Streetlight Manifesto, Dance Hall Crashers, The Velevet Teen, StereoLab, Metric, Tweaker, Pinback, Cat Power, The 1985, Brainiac, Le Tigre, The Dersden Dolls, Ladytron, Peaches, David Waxman, Nin, Gwar, Elf Power, White Zombie, The Magnetic Fields, An Angle, Mini Skirt Dessert, ect...
But I'm a Cheerleader, May, Land Of The Dead, Legand, The Last Unicorn, Ladyrinth, Enternal Sunshine of a spotless Mind, Amelie, The Eye, Pink Flamingo, Donnie Darko, I Love You Don't Touch me, A Life Of a Goldfish, Ect
OMFG JEFFREE STAR.. just kidding...

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