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40 Year Old · Female · Joined on December 8, 2005 · Born on March 24th
40 Year Old · Female · Joined on December 8, 2005 · Born on March 24th

I'm A 22 Year Old Chicka From Brisbane, Australia! ♥ I'm a Arien ~ Sophisticated, Romantic, Flirtatious, Lovable, Charming, Easygoing, & Sociable! ♥ I'm 172cm tall, Have Long Red Hair, Big Green Eyes & Tanned Skin ♥ I Have Belly Pierced ♥ No Tattoos Just Yet, But I Want To Get One ASAP! ♥ I Love Going Out Partying & Clubbing With My Girls & Drinking With My Boys!! ♥ I Love Going To The Beach for a Surf & The Movies, Chilling Out At Home Watching DVD’s ♥ I'm A Girly Girl - I Love Clothes, Makeup, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories! but i can also talk cars and boy stuff if i have too ♥ I Love Having My Mates Over To Play Drinking Card Games Which Often Involves Nakedness!!! ♥ I Love Dancing & One Day I Am Going To Open The Coolest, Hippest, Funkiest Nite Club In Brisneyland!! ♥ I'm Cheeky, Naughty, Flirty, Playful & Fun!! ♥ ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!!!! Full Name AMANDA LEIGH Birthdate 24 MARCH 1984 Birth Place BRISBANE AUSTRALIACurrent Location BRISBANE AUSTRALIAEye Color GREEN Hair Color RED Height 172ISH Piercings EARS AND BELLY Tattoos NO I CHICKENED OUT THE OTHER DAY BUT I WILL HAVE ONE SOON Boyfriend/Girlfriend NO THANKS Favorite Food MOST THINGS Color RED AND BLACK Candy LOLLIE POPS Number 24 12 Animal TIGER, BUTTERFLY Drink EVERYTHING Alcholic Drink EVERYTHING Bagel Letter A Part of Opposite Sex's Body ARMS Sport SURFING, SURFING, BASKETBALL AND BEACH VOLLYBALL Place MY ROOM Band EVERYONE Person ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY, TOOOO MANY TO NAME Actor/Actress Car NOT MINE!!! HATE IT NOW Video Game V8 SUPERCARS Movie KING KONG This or That Pepsi or Coke COKE Chocolate or Vanilla CHOCOLATE Hug or Kiss NOTHING BEATS A FIRST KISS Dog or Cat DOG Summer or Winter SUMMER Rap or Rock ROCK Your Bedtime JUST BEFORE THE NEXT DAY Most Missed Memory NA Best Psyical Feature EYES AND HMMMM........ First Thought When You Wake Up NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Fear DEEP WATER Longest Relationship 6 YEARS Have You Ever Drank YES Smoked YES Done Drugs NO Been Drunk YEAH Been Beaten Up YEAH Beaten Someone Up YEAH CHRIS SMALL YOU REMEMBER THAT GUY!!!! Shoplifted NOPE Skinny Dipped YEAH Been Dumped NO Dumped Someone YES In A Girl/Guy Eye Color ANY Hair Color ANY Hair Length SHORT Tattoos THAT DOESNT MATTER Piercings DOESNT MATTER Does Drugs NO Drinks YEAH Build JUST AS LONG AS THEY ARE TALLER THEN ME!!! Looks or Personality SOMEONE THAT KNOWS HOW TO HAVE A GOOOD TIME!!!! Random Things What Country Would You Like To Visit PARIS How Do You Want To Die DANCING Been To The Mall Lately YEAH Do You Like Thunderstorms LOVE THEM How Many Cds DO You Own NOT SURE What Kind Of Music Do You Like EVERYTHING Do You Get Along With Your Parents YEAH Do you Smoke NO Do you Drink YES Are You A Health Freak NOT REALLY Do You Think Youre Attractive NO Belive In Yourself NO Where Do You See Yourself In 2 Years NOT SURE JUST TAKING EACH DAY AS IT COMES!!! 5 Years SAME AS ABOVE Do you Shower Daily TWICE Have You Ever Been In Love YEAH HEAPS Do You Sing YEAH ONLY IN THE SHOWER Do You Want To Get Married MAYBE Do You Want To Have Kids MMM Did You Ever Have A Crush YEAH Have You Ever Kissed The Same Sex YEAH Talk Alot JUST A LITTLE Play Sports YEAH

40 Year Old · Female · Joined on December 8, 2005 · Born on March 24th

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